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Borderland Winery Lets You Make Your Own Wine

POSTED: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 - 11:04am

UPDATED: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 - 5:22pm

A winery in the Borderland lets you in on the wine-making process. You yourself get to make your own wine while staff teach you exactly just how to do it. And once it's ready you can personalize it with your own design and name. But that's not the case at all at Sunland Winery in Sunland Park.

"The grape juice that we purchase are in kits and it's a concentrated grape from different parts of the world," said Sunland Winery owner Patricia Gary.

The winery has been making its own wine since March and now customers can have that experience of tasting fresh wine made by them. "The quality is a lot better because we're able to maybe make it fresher and not put as many preservatives in it. More organic, I guess you'd say," said Patricia.

There are about 20 wine kits you can pick from. "Depending on the variety, like a red wine will take about 8 weeks and a white wine will take about six weeks," she said.

At the end of the six to eight weeks, depending on which wine you're making, you come back to the winery and fill your bottle. The five-gallon jug will make 32 bottles and the winery helps you cork it, cap it and lable it with your own design.

"The cost is very, very good. You'll get a high-quality bottle of wine and it'll average $5-$7 and if you get a higher end, it could go as high as $9. So you get a lot for your money and the personal aspect of it," said Patricia.

Those at the winery say the wine makes great gifts for friends and family. "Some people came in and made their wine for Christmas and they're walking out with their cases of wine and that's really neat to see," said Sunland Winery manager Jenny Holguin.

"A lot of businessed will come here and they will make wine and give their personalized wine to their customers instead of the signature pens or baseball caps or T-shirts."

Sunland Winery is located at 1769 Victory Lane southwest of Sunland Park Casino. For more information, call 575-589-1214.

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