Sunland Park Search Warrant Details Released

POSTED: Saturday, February 25, 2012 - 3:05pm

UPDATED: Friday, May 18, 2012 - 6:43pm

A sex tape, extortion and dirty politics at its worst.
It's all part of the growing investigation into the Sunland Park mayor's race. Mayoral candidate Daniel Salinas is the focus of that investigation.

There are shocking allegations in a search warrant that just became public.
They accuse Sunland Park mayoral candidate Daniel Salinas of arranging to record a sex tape to blackmail fellow candidate Gerardo Hernandez.

This all began when a Juarez reporter met with Hernandez and according to the search warrant, "apparently brought a female companion with him."

In the video, Hernandez starts to engage in sexual acts with the woman.
Hernandez later told police a man threatened to release the tape if he didn't drop out of the mayor's race.

Hernandez called police and they raided city hall earlier this week looking for any evidence of extortion.

Surveillance video shows Sunland Park Human Resource Assistant Martah Lozano running into Salinas' office and locking the door.

She grabs two laptops and runs out a back door. Police say she admits Salinas instructed her to take those computers.

The tape also shows Public Works Director Dario Hernandez on the phone with City Manager Jaime Aguilera saying, "they are coming... get rid of the video."

New Mexico State Police raided Salinas' home on Friday looking for any evidence of extortion which he denies.

"I've heard rumors that this individual was making accusations against me, but it's really sad that this individual is trying to clean his doings by blaming me for it,” said Salinas.

Hernandez has released a statement saying:

"My campaign will not be derailed despite the attempts by others."

Voters in Sunland Park have an interesting choice on election day March 6th.
One mayoral candidate is on a sex tape, while another is accused of blackmail.


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