Hundreds of Volunteers Prepare Sun Bowl Stadium for Big Game

Hundreds of Volunteers Prepare Sun Bowl Stadium for Big Game
Friday, December 30, 2011 - 5:31pm

With thousands of people in attendance at the Sun Bowl including out of town guests, hundreds of volunteers have been getting Sun Bowl Stadium ready for the big game. We talked to the man in charge of making sure the game goes off without a hitch.

Practice makes perfect. That's why current and former players with Montwood High have been going over how they'll move the stage on and off of the field for the Hyundai Sun Bowl's half time show.

It's something they've done at the Sun Bowl game for the past eight years. "The kids get an up-close show as to what's going on and they get a behind the scenes look as to what it takes to put on this great game," said Montwood High School head football coach Chuck Veliz.

The players make up a portion of the hundreds of volunteers getting Sun Bowl Stadium ready. "We want to put on the best presentation that we can for our out of town guests so they can see what a wonderful venue we have here with the Sun Bowl Stadium with the mountain backdrop," said Sun Bowl Association special events coordinator Joe Daubach.

Daubach says there are tons of things to get ready before the game. "You've got turf management. You're grooming the pellets," said Daubach. "You've got concessions. You've got tables and chairs."

Another group of about 20 people have the task of putting up the banners that you see all across the stadium. It took them just a couple of hours to get the job done.

A crew of more than 50 at CBS Sports, who's broadcasting the game, are getting ready for the big show as well. They rolled into town with four trucks and let us have a look inside their impressive control room where the magic happens.

Crew members have to set up 25,000 feet of fiber optic cable, more than 20 cameras and an action camera on a wire just to name a few.

All this preparation is worth every second, says Joe, who takes pride in calling this the best bowl game in the country. "People give up weeks of their holiday vacations to host out of town guests. And it takes a very special group of people and a special city and that's why we're the best," said Daubach.

The Sun Bowl game takes place New Year's Eve at 12:00 p.m.

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