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Opportunity to Vote on the El Paso Triple-A Team’s name ends Thursday

Opportunity to Vote on the El Paso Triple-A Team’s name ends Thursday
MountainStar Sports Group

POSTED: Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 1:59pm

UPDATED: Thursday, October 24, 2013 - 11:46am

El Pasoans who would like to vote for their favorite among the five finalist names for El Paso’s Triple-A baseball team have until tomorrow to submit their votes. MountainStar Sports Group revealed the five finalist name ideas for El Paso’s Triple-A baseball team last week, to be voted on by the public through midnight on Thursday, June 27, 2013 at The finalist names include:

• Aardvarks
• Buckaroos
• Chihuahuas
• Desert Gators
• Sun Dogs

“The passionate response we have seen to the finalist names has not gone unnoticed, and is a very normal reaction in the team naming process,” said Alan Ledford, President of MountainStar Sports Group. “We appreciate that the community is so engaged in their team’s name, and look forward to revealing the final name later this year, along with the team’s logo and colors to give El Pasoans a full picture of how their team will be represented.”

“It’s not easy to immediately visualize how these names will come to life with the players on the field and all the ballpark fun,” added Brad Taylor, General Manager of El Paso’s Triple-A team. “But if you look at Minor League team names across the country – the Richmond Flying Squirrels, the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, the Albuquerque Isotopes – you can see the fun, family-friendly spirit of the names, and how these finalist names fit in that picture.”

Fans can visit the Minor League Baseball web site ( to see a full list of team names and learn more about the spirit and nature of Minor League team names from across the country.

The public is invited to vote on the finalist names at through midnight tomorrow, Thursday, June 27. Individuals can vote once a day throughout the voting period. The team’s name will be announced later this year, along with the team’s logo and colors.

Each of the final names to be considered for public vote was submitted by multiple individuals during the name entry period. As part of the Name the Team contest, those who submitted the winning name will be entered into a drawing to win an exciting grand prize, to include the opportunity to throw out a ceremonial first pitch on Opening Day in the new El Paso Ballpark, two field-level season tickets for the 2014 season, and a personalized jersey.

The criteria for selecting a team name include name popularity based on public entries and voting, creativity, how well the name represents El Paso, and family-friendliness. While the public input is an important element of the decision-making process, MountainStar Sports Group will make the ultimate name selection based on the aforementioned criteria and Minor League Baseball approval.

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I agree with all the posts above. We need real names that can not only be a markateable product but also for El Pasoans to be proud to go to the games with a powerfull attitute backing up the team name, plus be willing to wear the Logo shirt, caps, flags, bracelets, pins, etc etc, I understand its a family event where kids also are involved in our city, but please in reality kids will follow what the parent says: if the pasrent is happy with the very silly weak and goofy name so will the child.

I vote for a new list of names. The names listed, in my opinion, do not represent El Paso the way they should. We need a name that El Pasoans could be proud of. Something marketable as well. Take a look at ALL major sports teams. They don't have silly names. Most of them have very majestic and powerful names and logos. People want something they could buy a shirt of and be proud to wear!

Why can't you name it The Golden Armadillo Texas baseball team.Or the Oscar Lesser baseball team since he is El paso new mayor of texas

hate the names that have been selected. thus far. Please sit down, regroup, rethink (no brew -kis) and rename the new team coming to EL PASO.

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