Miners Seem Locked Into Conference USA

Miners Seem Locked Into Conference USA
Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - 6:43pm

San Diego State is not leaving the Mountain West afterall.  The Aztecs are leaving the Big East before ever playing a game and returning to the Mountain West giving that league 12 teams with no plans to expand.

Like a line of dominoes, it all affects UTEP.

Many thought the Miners would be ticketed to the Mountain West filling the Aztecs slot and rejoining old rivalries like New Mexico and Wyoming.

Now, UTEP seems locked into Conference USA which will be a much different configuration in 2014.

Memphis, Houston, SMU, East Carolina, Tulane and Central Florida all leave for the Big East while Conference USA adds, North Texas, Middle Tennessee St,, U.T. San Antonio, Florida Atlantic,  Old Dominion and Charlotte.

Of course conferences are ever changing these days. 

There is the possibility, BYU would also rejoin the Mountain West leaving that league with 13 teams and requiring expansion.  In that scenario, the Mountain West could add one team to achieve 14 or perhaps expand to 16 teams, in which case UTEP would be considered.

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