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Preseason Fine 9 Football Teams: #9 Andress High

High School Football
Tuesday, August 21, 2012 - 5:35pm

Andress High School was led by the same man for 40 years, Allan Sepkowitz.  After his retirement in the spring, Patrick Brown took over the Andress program with a senior laden team.  Eagles are led by Senior Quarterback Ryan Metz, a starter for the second straight season.  That's why Andress is our Preseason 9th ranked team in the city in our NC9 Overtime Preseason Fine 9!

Brown comes to Andress from Franklin High School, where he served as Offensive Coordinator for five years.  Brown understands the rivalries with Irvin and Chapin, and expects a lot from this team despite just a few months on the job.

"At first, I think our kids initially were a little standoffish... Because they have had the same coach here for 46 years, but after a month or so, all the kids have bought in, and our seniors have really bought in, and have done a great job," said Brown.  Senior QB Ryan Metz added, "We have accepted them, they have accepted us. It's been a great bonding time, and we have gotten together the whole summer, and it's been a great time to group together."

7:00pm Friday August 31, Andress opens the season at Hanks.

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