New $60 million Texas high school stadium closed for repairs

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014 - 4:19pm

Football may be king in one Texas community -- but the palace appears to be cracking at the seams. A new 60-million-dollar football stadium for an Allen High School won't be hosting any games until the pedestrian concourse can be fixed.

The fear is it won't be able to support the thousands of people expected to attend the games.

"I'm very disappointed that we are even in this situation." said Allen ISD Superintendent Lance Hindt.

The telltale cracks revealed flaws no one expected.The entire concourse didn't meet weight-bearing code in places. Some areas 10-20% deficient, other areas as much as 70% deficient.

Superintendent Lance Hindt says the district did its part. "This isn't a black eye for this school district, this is really a black eye for the contractor and the architect."

Still, he calls both firms -- Pogue, the builder and P-B-K, the architect reputable. Both companies promise the Allen ISD won't be out any more money due to their work.

A preliminary report in February prompted the stadium's closing for graduation exercises in the spring.While final recommendations won't be out until next month, school officials have already decided to play home games elsewhere, mostly down the road in Plano.

Board Pesident Louise Master is also a parent. She knows incoming senior football players, band members, and cheerleaders will be disappointed. "Oh, it's been horrible; I've had many sleepless nights." said Master.

"But in talking to kids...they understand that it's not about the stadium, it's really about them and what they can do on a Friday night. " Master said.

The decision caught other parents off guard.

"Very surprised; with that new beautiful stadium? That's such a letdown. That's going to be crazy for next year with no football." said Allen resident Simon Gervais.

Parent Connie Hildebrand, said she thinks the stadium was too expensive, with a price tag of $60 million since it opened she said "I just feel that it's ridiculous for a stadium that's less than two years old to be having these problems."


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