El Paso Wings Prepare for Junior Olympics


POSTED: Thursday, July 8, 2010 - 5:13pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 14, 2010 - 9:59pm

Members of the oldest track club in the Sun City, the El Paso Wings, are preparing for the Region 10 Championships of the Junior Olympics in Pueblo, Colorado. Jodan Rankins and Sergio Talavera talk to us about preparing for a return to the biggest junior track meet in the country. Jadon Rankins will run the 1500M, the 5000M, and the 2000M Steeplechase, for which he finished 2nd in the nation in 2009. "It's pretty exciting, and I want to go and actually win this time. Actually try harder. I'm expecting a hard race, a few hard races, and a lot of competition up at regionals." His Wings coach, Sergio Talavera, likes his chances. "His work ethic is great, his discipline is great, I think part of the reason for him being so successful is again because of his discipline and his work ethic. Jadon is a very experienced runner, he goes out there and competes. He knows how to run a race from the beginning to the end." The J.O. Region Championships start this Friday, July 9.

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Teammom are you teaching your children sportsmenship? I did not know that winning was all there was in sports, not all kids can win, actually just a very small handful at this level of competition, but all can be great "cheerleaders" for their teammates. Shame on you!

He says he actually wants to win this time.What about the other kids that always win? There so many kids on the team,if your not there for all then don't do it for just one.That's not nice!So many were way better than him,far too many kids.

Don't be a hater. You're the one with poor sportsmanship. So where are these kids that are way better than him? He's the one going to Nationals.

why was this pnly in reference to only one individual on the team.There many that work hard,how-ever there parent do not run the team.wow such a waste of efford for the other team ,mates.

P.S. I'm not hiding because I'm not a coward.

Man I don't know who you are but if you have a concern about the way things are done then bring it forward in the meeting. You do have a point they all worked hard but the interview was with him and they only interviewed him. They should have interviewed the others who are going to regionals but they didn't. So your complaint needs to go to the TV stations not to the team.

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