Cowboys' Garrett Speaks About Sunday's Win, Death of Brown

Cowboys' Garrett Speaks About Sunday's Win, Death of Brown
Monday, December 10, 2012 - 5:24pm

The Dallas Cowboys are still trying to process an emotional weekend that saw the untimely death of team-mate Jerry Brown. Head Coach Jason Garrett spoke today about how the team is coping with the tragedy, and how the Cowboys were able to fight through emotions Sunday to play their game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Jason Garrett, Cowboys Head Coach: "As you can imagine, it's a very difficult situation for all of us. We lost a team-mate, we lost a friend. Other lives have really been deeply affected. Nobody who's associated with this organization, this football team who knows Jerry and Josh and this situation, this tragedy, really will ever be the same as a result of it. One of the messages I try to give to our team Saturday night prior to the game, and certainly again after the game is we have to get through this together. That's the only way we get through these kind of situations. You take it day by day, you do it all together and you draw strength from each other. Obviously, we're really close. We're close as players, we're close as coaches. There's a lot of time invested in the relationships we have together. It's a tragedy I said this after the game, it's a tragedy. We didn't know Jerry Brown long, he's only been here for six or so weeks. But he really was a special guy. You heard me say this yesterday, that every time you saw the guy he always beat me to the punch, 'How you doin' coach?"

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