Coronado Girls Basketball Pushes Forward Without a Head Coach


POSTED: Monday, October 31, 2011 - 5:44pm

UPDATED: Saturday, November 5, 2011 - 7:15pm

The Coronado Girls Basketball team has been practicing, preparing for the 2011-2012 season... but without a head coach.  Coach Chris Peden is a 14-year veteran of Coronado High School, but recently underwent major back surgery, and is out indefinitely.  That leaves the coaching duties to Assistant and JV Coach Jonathan Hutchins.  Hutchins and Peden discuss the team daily.

"Just making sure it's done the right way and done the way he wants it. We talk everyday to make sure that his plan and vision of where we need to be is fulfilled."

Coronado was 26-8 last season, 13-3 and second in District 1-5A.  It's been tough, but veterans, like junior  Monica Holguin, are helping push forward before the regular season starts.  "We're nervous right now, because we know how hard it is not to have a head coach, but we have to go through it, we're going to work hard and go at it and go hard."

Tuesday, November 8, Coronado opens the season at Parkland at 7:00pm.

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The players have been lied to many times but of course they are not paying any attention to all the "publicity" , they just want to play basketball. Whoever the coach is they will still bust their butts to make it a good season.

At Americas high school, coach Kennedy was ran out of that school by the parents. He had talent and did nothing with it. He prefers to be the players buddy to cover up for his shortcomings as a coach. Eventually the parents are going to see how he measures up against coach Peden. They will come to the conclusion that Kennedy is not in the same class as Peden. The honeymoon phase for Kennedy will be a short one. Peden isn't going to walk away from this without a fight. This story has just begun

And how is it even ethical to hire the Assistant Athletic Director's HUSBAND??? It is painfully obvious that Mrs. Morales, Coach Kennedy, Coach Brooks (coronado athletic director), and Kenny Owens (District AD) sorely lack any kind of work ethic. Gotta love the Good Ol' Boy system at EPISD!! Good luck to the Coronado girls basketball team. They will need it!

Coach Hutchins resigned for several reasons: 1) loyalty to Peden, and 2) lack of support from BOTH Mrs. Morales and the rest of the administration, as well as the parents/players. Again, why would you make someone the interim head coach, and then replace him 3 days later? And then on top of that, have him (Coach Hutchins) coach the new interim head coach?? You're an idiot if you can't figure out that Mrs. Morales does NOT want Peden back.

Mrs morales, the coronado principal,has lied to the players and their parents .she has told them that Kennedy will be the coach only until Peden getc back. Behind closed doors she has made it perfectly clear that Kennedy is the coach for the season. Peden has been told nothing. Yes, coach Hutchins has resigned. He wants nothing to do with Kennedy . He is loyal to Peden. Morales asked Hutchins to stay on and teach pedens program to Kennedy. Why not just have hutchins stay and be the head coach.

The administration at Coronado has been caniving from the get-go to get rid of Coach Peden. They named the JV coach (Coach Hurchins) as interim head coach (given that he knows how to run Peden's program), but was replaced 3 days after. He was then replaced by Coach Kennedy. If they had intended for coach Peden to come back, why were they so adamant about NOT having Coach Hutchins take over until Peden got healthy? Coronado Principal Morales is a liar who is ok with nepotism.

Well, that's interesting considering that the JV coach has since resigned and they have hired a new interm head coach who happens to be the District's (EPISD) associate athletic director's husband-coach Kennedy. For goodness sake, he is the girl's golf coach and has been out of basketball for years. Are they that desperate to get rid of Coach Peden? Uh, in case they have forgot, he happens to be one of the best coaches in the city. Nice job Coronado and EPISD central office.

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