Controversy Surrounds Transfer from Montwood to Burges


POSTED: Monday, April 30, 2012 - 8:59pm

UPDATED: Monday, June 11, 2012 - 11:12am

Montwood High''s football team routinely plays in front of packed crowds, but there seems to be a growing question about transfers about how one Montwood student is moving to Burges High School.

Ebrahim Britton is a talented running back and quarterback, but after playing in only five games due to injury in 2011 with the Rams, Britton has transferred to Burges High. Britton is not eligible for Varsity sports at the moment, but it brings up past history. Ebrahim's older brother Edward Britton Jr. played for Montwood, while his sister, Evonne, played for Chapin both before heading to division one programs. Britton's father, Edward Britton Sr., told Newschannel 9 that they lived in the Chapin High School area, and due to the existing rules, were able to attend Montwood. After one year of attending school at Montwood and only playing freshman or JV athletics, the athletes achieved 'residency' at that school and were then allowed to compete at the Varsity level.

EPISD Athletic Director Ken Owen spoke to us about the rules. "The basic rule is that, number one, you cannot move for athletic purposes. So whatever school you go to, you need to be choosing it for other reasons, and number two, you have to live in the attendance zone of that school of which you reside with both of your parents in order to be eligible to go to that school."

There is a DEC, or District Executive Counsel meeting for later this week to discuss any possible rules violations in terms of Ebrahim's move, but we spoke to Edward at his home, located very close to Burges High. Any meeting their potential residency must come from a dispute at Montwood, or someone must think this transfer was for athletic purposes.

Edward Britton told Newschannel 9, "I do not believe this was for football reasons, if I had a problem with any administrator or supervisor over my child, it was strictly on personal grounds, it had nothing to do with sports."

Rams football coach Chuck Velix declined to comment on the case, while Rams track coach Joe Vasquez did, saying Britton left without telling anyone, but was a good athlete and very good with coaches and teammates. All parties involved will meet later this week to resolve the issue.

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Its a fact that the Britton's move for sports only. They never lived in the Montwood area after Edward moved from that school they all lived on the Northeast side of town. All of them are moved according to sports and use fake addresses. School districts need to do their homework on this family.

Dad doesn’t tell that Britton was assigned to SAC (In School Suspension) at Montwood for discipline issues, COME DAD TELL THE WHOLE STORY.
Where is he going to show up next? Montwood, Chapin, Montwood, Tried Franklin and now Burges, WHERE

It is a fact that the Brittons move according to sports and to get their children to play where it is more convenient to them. They have not lived in the Montwood area in over 7 years. They have lived in the Northeast side of town. They use fake addresses. The school districts need to tdo their homework and really investigate this family. Enough is enough.

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