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Southwest Showcase Brings A Variety of El Paso Performers Under One Stage

Thursday, June 9, 2011 - 6:34pm

Local performers will get the chance to perform onstage in Downtown El Paso this weekend. The "Great Southwest Showcase" is back for its third year and organizers say there's something in this for everyone.

Sandra Welch-Quaram is the organizer behind the Great Southwest Showcase, a local variety show. The show will feature at least 75 performers comprised of singers, gymnasts and dancers.  "The dancers will do every type of dance: ballet, contemporary, break dancing, popping, hip hop," said Sandra.

The Bel Air All-State Gymnastics Team, a popular act last year, is back again.  "What they do is very similar to Cirque du Soleil. They do shadow performances. They'll even do performances on trampolines, so you really see them flying through the air," said Sandra.

The audience will be entertainment even in between acts.  "So, there's going to be comedy going on while the scene changes are going to be happening," said Sandra. "There's going to be be three pianists going back and forth doing the comedy number on the piano."

Sandra says the show gives El Pasoans who do not get a chance to perform a taste of the stage.  "Some performers just need one day to strut their stuff and it's an exciting event that they can perform and they can do that," said Sandra.

Arthur Rocha, who's playing the role of Puss-n-Boots in the show, says he plans on becoming a professional dancer. He says this is just what he needs.  "I get stage experience, performing experience, because it's one thing to dance in the studio but to be on stage and be prepared for what happens on stage, and how the people react, it's different. It's better to have stage experience," said Arthur.

And the reaction from the audience makes it all the hard work worthwhile.  "People say, ‘Oh my God, you need to do more performances. You need to do two, three more performances so people can see this wonderful talent'. So please come join us and support the arts in El Paso."

The Great Southwest Showcase takes place at the Scottish Rite Theater this Sunday at 2:30 p.m. That's located at 301 Missouri. Tickets are $12 for floor seating and $10 for balcony seating.

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