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Crime Wave in Socorro

POSTED: Friday, July 30, 2010 - 10:57pm

UPDATED: Sunday, August 1, 2010 - 9:56pm

SOCORRO, TX - A crime wave in one Socorro neighborhood has residents scared for their lives.   And they say the police aren't doing much to put their minds at ease.

Several neighbors on this street in Socorro are being terrorized.   Since january, crime on this street has skyrocketed.

Just this week, neighbors say someone tried to rob 2 houses...during the day....while someone was home.

Socorro police called us tonight and assured us this crime wave is a concern for their department. and they say...starting tonight they will patrol the area and meet with neighbors to organize a watch program.

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Ladies, get a gun, keep it in your bra. A 22 fits nicely for most women, and a print top conceals it well. Remember this easy 2 step process of defending yourself. 1) once they are in your home, shoot first, shoot again, then after emptying your weapon, proceed to step 2: this one is multiple choice... you can either call 911 and report it, or reload and empty again to be sure they are dead. Once this hits the news, burglars will think twice about it.

Thank God we live in the United States of America and have many rights as US citizen, especially the right to bear arms. Do it and do it legally.

As a citizen living in Socorro, I am dissappointed you left out the most crucial piece of information: where is this happening? You failled to give out the street name. Or at least an intersection. Don't we have a right to know? Anyways, it's no surprise Socorro P.D. has done nothing. That's all they are good for. There should be an investigation into the police department because they do not protect and serve innocent people, instead they enable the criminals by doing nothing!!

I am a socorro resident and I'm glad someone finally commented on this. It's true, my aunt lives two blocks away from my house in the valles neighborhood and someone came into her house while she was sleeping. I figured because of that incident the police would be patrolling the area, and nothing. It's been a month and still no patrols around, I hardly get any sleep at night. I don't know where the cops are, honestly.

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