Socorro Council Member: We Are Not Mistreating Her

Socorro Council Member: We Are Not Mistreating Her

POSTED: Wednesday, October 19, 2011 - 5:07pm

UPDATED: Thursday, October 20, 2011 - 10:29am

EL PASO - We told you how a Socorro City Council member felt like she was being mistreated. Now one of the people accused of mistreating her, a fellow city council member, is talking to News Channel 9.

Socorro Council member Gloria Rodriguez spoke with us about the allegations made by council member Maria Reyes.

"Nobody is mistreating her," Rodriguez said.

Reyes claims she's forced to submit open records requests to the city just to get information, but she said other councilors don't have to. Rodriguez says they do have to, and she showed us a few open records requests she's submitted to the city.

Reyes also claims council members are voting quickly at meetings, and she thinks that means the rest of council is discussing items without her. Rodriguez's response?

"Absolutely not."

Rodriguez says they vote quickly because they research the agenda items on their own.

"It's called homework and we are prepared. We get a folder with information in there, and we do whatever it takes to get all the information right and prepare for the meeting," Rodriguez said.

She showed us an email recipient list to prove Reyes gets the information at her district one email address.

As for Reyes' other claim that the rest of council is hindering her from trying to represent her district to the fullest; Rodriguez says no one is stopping her from doing anything.

So what's going to stop Socorro City Council from bickering? David Garcia, the Socorro Public Information Officer, thinks it's going to be new city projects.

"Whenever you have that many strong personalities in such a developing community you're bound to have conflicts that will soon be defeated by bigger projects than the personalities," David Garcia said.

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I think that the best thing about Socorro is that they have David Garcia. Even though most of the time it is clear that he is slanting his comments towards the positive side of the issue, which is what he was hired to do, I think he is doing a GREAT job in very difficult situations.

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