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Teen Trend Includes Smoking "Legal Marijuana"

POSTED: Thursday, May 6, 2010 - 4:36pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 8, 2010 - 12:42pm

EL PASO, TX - A growing trend in the city has teens smoking out of water pipes, and what they smoke can include what's considered a "legal marijuana."

A hookah is a water pipe for tobacco that more teens are starting to use.

"They're discovering it here in El Paso, it's getting more popular, but I don't think it's geared strictly towards kids," Brad Maynard said.

Maynard is the owner of Kern Place Cigars. He sells hookahs and the sheesha, the flavored tobacco that's smoked. It comes in everything from Grape to Watermelon and other flavors that teens like.

"It's kind of funny because you'll ask them 'Can I see your ID please,' and they'll say 'Oh I left it in the car,' then you'll never see them again," Maynard said.

Maynard told us parents should be concerned about their kids smoking hookah, because it's not much different from cigarettes.

"If you get into smoking a couple of bowls every night it will eventually cause you problems just like cigarettes will."

Another concern parents may have is that marijuana can be smoked out of a hookah. Maynard says it can, but that's not what a hookah's made for.

"On the other hand if they're smoking pot they're going to smoke it anyway. I don't think hookah leads to smoking pot or anything else, but I'd still have a concern," he said.

There's another product to watch out for, it's called salvia and it is considered a "legal marijuana." Maynard refuses to sell it.

"I think there has been a couple of people who have died from salvia, it's a rare occurrence but I think it has happened. I don't really want to sell something I think is going to really cause some serious harm to one of my customers."

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Okay...someone please teach me. Does Salvia really mimic marijuana, and how easily is it attainable? What are the pros and cons. Can that substitute medical marijuana and possibly get the same results, and is it true that there have been deaths attributed to Salvia?

There has never been a death becuz of smokeinf silvea and no it is notting like weed at all it has it own famly of plant and it's ownhigh I fin it funny he will not sell some trying that will hurt the conumers but he will sell somethng that has been povin to kill all the time it's our coice to smoke what we what I am for the legal weed if u stop telling kids that can have it and start giveing them the coice thay will fight less to smoke it and more to make tabacco outlawed like it should be

Youd be better off smoking weed than salvia. From what i understand unlike weed salvia does have some harmful effects.

Hookah does not make kids start smoking weed.. flavored tobacco is not weed.. kids don't use it for a substitue for weed..

First of all hookahs are nothing new. The originated in the middle east. Most are smoked in the evenings with friends to unwind and just share a conversation over. The way your article is stated it makes it seem as if shisha is a legal form of marijuana. Shisha does not cause the effects that marijuana does. Yes you mention salvia but very briefly. Also maynard is apparently very ignorant about what hes selling. Shisha does not contain nicotine if its the herbal kind.

Even regular shisha does not contain but a small percentage of nicotine. Mr Maynard is misinformed about how a hookah works. NOW for the facts yes smoking a hookah does increase carbon monoxide levels in your body far more than having a cigarette. The information and studies suggests it can be almost 100 times worse in terms of carbon monoxide build up. Now as i said small amounts of nicotine in the shisha mean its not terribly addictive as cigarette.

Personally i think the flavor and smooth smoke of a hookah is far preferable to having a pack of cigarettes. Of course you have to keep in mind that its not any better than cigarettes it just comes down to whether u want to be addicted to a substance or not. Theres nothing better than smoking a bowl with some friends and having a fun night. Should kids be doing this probably not. Also please whoever authored this horrible story please dont compare a hookah to smoking marijuana.

Thats actually an insult to marijuana because NO ONE and i MEAN NO ONE has ever died from smoking marijuana. Feel free to look it up. Mr Garcia also your headline of "legal marijuana" is obviously meant to be shocking and create something new for parents to be afraid of. Is there really need for such tactics? In closing friends educate yourselves and dont just believe someone who apparently cant properly convey the facts or intent of his story(as other posters have stated). Thanks ;)

I am with u on this if u want the facts come interview me I will proudly say to the world I sapport leagl weed and think u are trying to use garalla tact and if u do not stop we will not repond in kind we are peaceful I will just blog the truth I thought that is what jernaliam is all about but as I see it is just a mother of a sellout thay pay u to tell there truth not the truth of the world I will post in my paper of real news about the world not a jaded reporter wrighting what they are paid

I feel the key words are "Parental Involvement". How involved are we in the lives of our children? How were our parents and grandparents involved in our lives as we were growing up? We have the answer before the question.

Does the word "BONG" mean anything to you. If your gonna do a story on this then actually do a report and not chop up an interviewers remarks about the topic.

Reason why kids have switched because everything about a bong says your bad and a drug user, but use a Hookah and your not, your highclass and a socialite.

Are you raising awareness or attacking businesses who sell this legal tobacco only device? I'm confused

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