Road Rage Attack Leaves 64-Year Old Bruised

POSTED: Wednesday, November 9, 2011 - 6:05pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 9, 2011 - 7:11pm

EL PASO - Tonight a 64-year old man is on his way home from the hospital after being the victim a road rage incident. Family members say he was left bruised and upset over what happened at the intersection of Hawkins and I-10.

Police say another driver cut him off, and he exchanged words with someone in the car at the red light. That's when a younger man in his 20's got out, started punching the man in the face, and pulled him out of the truck.

"That's horrific. I mean what bothers me the most about it is that this man didn't do nothing, from what I heard all he said was 'whoa,'" Erik Rodriguez said.

During the attack, the man's truck rolled across the intersection, hit another car and crashed into the side of Popular Mattress. Rodriguez is an employee of the store. Another man, who identified himself only as Pockets, witnessed the crash, and he says the 64-year old tried to defend himself.

"All I saw, they were arguing and the old man got out of the truck. When he got out of the truck it was with a pipe and he fell down. He fell down and then the white truck, because he was in the white truck, the white truck kept going. I said "Oh lord, please don't let it hit anybody going across the street over there." When it got across the damn street, a car hit it and it went over there. I saw it," Pockets said.

Police say the attacker in this road rage incident managed to get away. We're told he was in a dark colored SUV, and he may be about 25-years old. We're also told a woman was driving the SUV.

Family members say the man has heart problems, and needed to be taken to the hospital to be checked out.

Rodriguez says he tried to put on a brave face after the attack.

"On his right eyebrow he had some blood coming down. He seemed a little shaken up until he saw his family, that's when he broke down and it hit home. He started feeling bad about it, and he started crying," Rodriguez said.

If you were in the area of Hawkins and I-10 around 12:15 Wednesday and you saw what happened, police are hoping you can give them a better description of the SUV that fled the scene. Call them if you have any information.

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This is sad theres alot of idiots driving then if you tell them something you never know what mind state their in if they are going to pull a weapon or something

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