Reporter Gets Thrown Off Field After Brawl Breaks Out at Football Game

POSTED: Friday, November 5, 2010 - 9:51pm

UPDATED: Monday, November 29, 2010 - 10:57am

A Friday night brawl breaks out at a high school football game.

It's caught on video but our reporter is the one who gets kicked out.

The fight happened during the first half of the Jefferson and Irvin game.

The game was stopped for more than 15 minutes while coaches and refs broke it up.

One of reporters, Phillip Mena video taped the fight but he was escorted off the field while recording the Irvin principal talking to players and parents.

Our reporter was told he could not record because he didn't have proper press credentials.

Phil was escorted off the field after the Activities Director of Irvin told him he had to leave and two El Paso police officers told him he had to shoot the game through a fence.


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Phillip Mena: You got kicked off the field because you did not have the correct press pass, which means you had no right to be there at that time, doing what you were doing. It doesn’t matter if you were doing your job or not! Your rights were not taken away. You were not representing yourself as a member of the press, therefore, you had no more right to be on the field than any other fan. Filming from the stands is where you should have been all along.

I am a photographer for the schools’ newspaper and yearbook and unless I have my press pass I don’t get on the field. Although we all love the publicity we get for our school and its’ teams, rules are rules and they have to be followed no matter who you are.

The bottom line is that the reporter had nothing on him to identify him as a member of the media. His station logo was nowhere to be seen. Irvin has taken a lot of heat this year for, what was perceived by the public, as a failure to keep students safe from a predator on campus. Now the administration is being blasted for keeping an unidentified man off the field and away from students. Sadly, the media never has anything good to say about this great school and it's amazing students and staff.

All this is, is a school trying to "cover up" a fight that should nothave happened. If this reporter was not supposed to eb filming, they should have told him PRIOR to the start of the game, but apparently it was OK for him to fil the game up to the point that the adults lost control of it, so this is nothing more than the school attempting to stop bad press by bootong the reporter...Sounds like a terrible school to go to.

i totally disagree i think Irvin is one of the best schools in El Paso you cant say its bad just because of a little fight and some bad stories... when do we get to see the good things bout the school? they just wnt to point the finger and make Irvin sound bad..!

Do we not have freedom of press whether are not we have a press pass, last time I read the constitution it gave us that right. Perhaps there is more to the story. EPPD does not have the training is this field of endeavor. This so unreal it's no wonder new residents in town don't like El Paso.

Yes we do but if you do not have permission to be on the field then exercise your freedom of press in the stands like everyone else who follows the rules.

You are absolutely right. There is more to this story. The reporter was told "No" and didn't want to hear it. The station should be explaining why its’ reporters are at sporting events, representing them, without proper identification. Freedom of the press does not give you the right to be where you don't have a right to be. Without a press pass, the reporter had no right to be on the field.

Sounds like EPISD is selective in who gets to film and report what. If there is a policy, is it enforced equally across the board in ALL sports functions? kinda looks like the right hand (media) is not talking to the left hand (EPISD) on the policies are. By the way, dont even get EL Paso Keystone cops in on this, they dont need to be banging reporters heads or abusing citizens at games. The boys in blue could have the regulations on a clipboard in BIG letters, and still not know what to do

So because this guy had camera equip. and was doing his job the school throws him off the field.Question i have is why didn't you escort all the people who were recording it on their cellphones off the field?

Its news people and if its good or bad it should be reported. Its also up to the station manager to say what makes it to broadcast or story, not the reporter.

Freedom of press is seriously being violated. So is EPPD and EPISD gonna sepiana thos youtube bloggers about this?

If your an adult you ARE the biggest ignorant idiot. Irvin has gotten ENOUGH bad publicity,
instead of reporting a GOOD story like MAKING
it to playoffs. All you reporters can do is
slander everything and make everyone look bad.
Irvin has NOTHING to hide, all the administration
was trying to do is protect students from people
like NEWS CHANNEL 9.You people have no heart. From my understanding the REPORTER showed a Phoenix ID, that IS NOT proper credentials.

Just another knee jerk reaction by a school administration. Free press is great; right up to the point that "bad light" arrives. Kick him off campus. Now lets see how many schools enforce the press pass policy...or put some kind of ground cloth on their fences to really keep the press out.

Totally agree!!

Welcome to censorship of media. Next thing you know schools will tell kids you cannot speak your mind and or thoughts on a particular subject. Wonder how they will handle it if a student speaks out about favoritism of budgets being allocated to certain "sports" or "programs".

Are they gonna suspend the student for freedom of speech?


Was it proper credentials they were afraid of or the bad press that came with the story. If you don't have any thing to hide, then whats the deal. And as for EPPD hell they have there own problems. Wonder if they really know what the regulations are? or did they need fifty cops on the scene to school them.

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