Re: UT System Issues New Statement Regarding Chavez, Jr.-Lee Bout

First, why did it take so long to do a risk assessment when they have known for some time that this sporting event was going to take place? Are risk assessments done for all events, including the UTEP football games?

I thought it was very unprofessional of the UT Systems Administration officials to let UTEP officials and the Boxing promoters know, the day of the press conference that there was a risk issue. Why weren't UTEP and Boxing promoters told earlier?

I'm sure if there was a risk issue, Dr. Natalicio and UTEP administrative officials would have been quick to say NO to the event. So why are officials 500 miles away making the decision. A decision that just doesn't affect the event itself, but all the economic benefit the city of El Paso would have been able to take in!

Another decision made by officials hundreds of miles away that affect our city.

I know none of the official will go on record, but as I like to say..."Man-Up"and tell us what led to this decision!!

As far as I'm concerned, an unprofessional, cowardly decision!!!