Re: Task Force Created to Alleviate Bridge Wait Times

In my opinion the only way bridge wait times will decrease is if CBP stops all the (sorry to say this) BS that came after 9/11. Prior to this date CBP official did conduct searches for drugs and did require people to show or identify themselves as "U.S. Citizen", but did not require passports (which they still run through their PC to check Aunthenticity in some cases), and did not confiscate PC's which people brought over from Mexico, and did not have so many question and answer trivias/tactics that they use to interrogate travelers comming from Mexico. These measure where taken to assure not only that drugs and illegal aliens croosed into the U.S. but to so call "prevent" terrorists from also comming but they do however take time to administer thus making for longer bridge wait times. To top it off there has never been a terrorist (illegal Arabs yes - one or maybe just a few),or explosives or any plot found to harm the U.S. along the Mexican Border before or after 9/11, and drugs are still found widespread across this country. There have however been dozens of students and teachers killed in college campuses across the U.S. post 9/11. My point is we dont need a task force spending millions of dollars in research to tell us what we the bridge users of ELP already know.