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Wednesday, December 17, 2014 - 8:39pm

Re: Northern Lights Could Be Seen In Florida as Poles Shift

Very interesting. Interesting because Navajo prophesies state that the Magnetic Entrance (North Pole) will become the Magnetic Exit (South Pole) around 496.00 (Year 2012 [Each Navajo year equals four Gregorian years]), 'Ałhiidį́į́Kii (Quadrant Two) Dlaahooził (Sector Five) Naakijį́(Day Two) which comes out to Summer, July 7th, 2012.
Navajo oracles say that it will be caused by our twelfth planet, yet astronomers confirm eight planets, excluding Pluto, Eris, Sedna and Ceres. Hmmm....