Re: Live Interview with Beto O'Rourke

its a sad day for el paso and congress. is this the best we had to sent to represent us in such a prestigious position? REALLY? some one who is for legalization of marijuana? this is an attack on the basic fabric of our society. i have been dealing with drug issues within my acquantances and have never gotten over the lamebrain comment made years ago by mr o rourke promoting legalization of mj. what is next, cocaine? if this wasn't a slap in my face, i dont know what is. i woke up early today and drove to my voting station to vote for a candidate with integrity and his finger on the pusle of el pasos needs. mr reyes has served his seat honorably and i am proud have voted for him in the past and again yesterday. i am hoping there was some error in counting votes and mr reyes can continue his faithful service to our community.