Monday, August 25, 2014 - 5:28pm

Re: Family, Friends of Missing Elderly Man Resort To Social Media

Hello I want to thank you for posting this up for us! I am Hector Gardeas (Dad) youngest daughter Marissa Gardea. We have been trying to get this out with KFOX and well they said they could not help unless the police working the case called it in as a Silver alert or he was in danger. They the cops said they could not consider it as either and went upon there buisness. We are doing everything to get his picture out there and hes name out there to see if any body knows anything...we had to do some investigating of our own and came up with alot of information. We are despreate to know where my dad is or what has happend to him....Thank you so much for posting this up for us!!! If any information is needed please contact me at (915) 412-5538 or my sister Rosie at (915) 412-6452. Thank you once again....