Re: District 16 front-runners launch negative campaign ads

As a veteran, I am very unhappy about Silvestre Reyes efforts, if any, to improve the medical services to our veterans. It is very common to see many WWII, Korean, Vietnam, and Gulf War veterans fight for their medical benefits. Can you imagine? The same young men and women who for 2-20 years have fought for their country and yet have to come out of the military to fight against their own country for benefits rightly earned. Why not increase medical staff at the V.A. instead of hiring IRS Agents to oversee Osa- (oops) Obama Care? What has Mr. Reyes done the last 16 years while our vets have gone without proper care? Some have given up on any hopes of recieving pensions as well because of the long wait in the benefits claim process. The V.A. is not unwilling as I have recieved great care from them, but, they are very understaffed. I challenge those who run against Mr. Reyes to committ to improving the services to those who served their country. - Pablo Jasso, Upper Valley