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Sunday, February 1, 2015 - 6:23am

Re: City Blames Property Owners For Downtown Fire

I liked your story, it was pretty hard hitting. Good job. You would think if property owners would at the least put enough money in to keep them from becoming fire hazards. This is the second fire in recent months in a Historic Building in downtown El Paso. What does it take a death of an innocent person or Fire Fighters!
Mr. Rubin’s (Helen of Troy and River Oaks) ignored requests from many community organizations over the years to at least protect this and other Historic buildings he owns. Mr. Rubin had owned this building since 1966!
Then you have other negligent owners like the Abrahams, who are letting some of the most unique and beautiful historic buildings crumble before our eyes. All the while the city points fingers at the property owners, when they too have been knowing accomplices in the allowing these buildings to become dangerous tinder boxes....Shame on El Paso's City Hall and all the those inside that building that sits on a top of the hill overlooking the crumbling historical district, rather like a "Palace Guard that turns its back on its own community". So sad......yet so predictable for this City.