Re: Citizens React to Possible Water Bill Overcharges

The El Paso Water Utilities WANTS you to waste water all during the winter so that your water usage in the summer will be lower, and you wont be penalized.
You see, your summer bill is based on "How much MORE" water you use in the summer than in the winter months. So, you want to use a LOT of water during the winter, so there is no difference in your water usage during the summer, when you really need water for plants, trees, grass and swamp coolers and 2 showers a day.
Isnt that a shame, penalizing water users because they really really really need the water in the summer.
Isnt that like charging more for water during a Huricane or natural disaster where people get charged more, just because they really HAVE to have it?
Would someone PLEASE contact the El Paso City Council about these unjust water charges and unfair summer billing.