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El Paso Protests Immigration Laws

POSTED: Saturday, May 1, 2010 - 6:41pm

UPDATED: Thursday, May 6, 2010 - 6:10am

El Paso - El Pasoans came together in different parts of the city Saturday to protest the new Arizona immigration law.

Protests have sprung up all over the country since the bill was signed into law last week.

"It's very important because if we don't stop the legislation in Arizona, that will spread to Texas, to New Mexico, to California and we will have a border without rights, without civil rights and everybody will be affected," Border Agricultural Workers Director Carlos Marentes said.

For now, only Arizona has adopted such a law but some think it could lead to a dangerous precedent.

"Specifically, it's an anti-immigration sentiment against Latinos and unfortunately, we are seeing other states reacting to this xenophobic law and trying to implement similar laws in other states," Representative Norma Chavez said. "So we should all be concerned."

While some marched near the Santa Fe Bridge this morning, hundreds more protested in front of Republican Party headquarters on Mesa Street.

"We are doing it here in front of the Republican Party Headquarters because what we have observed is that most of this aggression has come from Republicans, at least a sector of the Republican Party," Border Network for Human Rights Director Fernando Garcia said. "In Arizona, Republicans are the ones that passed this racist law. At the national level, Republicans do not want to discuss immigration reform, even here in El Paso."

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Cesar Chavez' Grape Boycott demonstrated that with the buying power of Mexican Americans and their friends throughout the nation, social corrections are possible. Remember, Si se Puede! The Pizza and Ice Cream franchises in El Paso, have a point. Suggest they contribute to MALDEF, LULAC or the American G.I. Forum. These orgs have reps in the El Paso area. Get their OK and lift the boycott.

We are supposed to be nation of laws, not of men. Either we enforce immigration laws or, as the minority in our country would have it-open the borders and open the floodgates. After that the our Constitution will be nothing but a piece of paper and the security and liberty we enjoy will be but nothing but a fond memory. As for those that think that protecting our borders is about Mexico or hispanics, or even civil rights, will learn just how truly uninformed and ignorant they really are.

Kid: Should Mexican Americans invoke amnesia over decades of mistreatment from people like you? Let's not remember separate, but equal, or the Mexican schools, or juries that shunned Mexicans. Blacks should forget slavery was ever legal, or that immigrants pick your lettuce, onions, and chiles in the hot Arizona sun. Those our our "fond memories". You should join the fight to unite the nation instead of finding ways to divide it.

Wake up and see that undocumented workers and illegals who live in this country are a drain on this nation not helping it.

Free medical
no taxes
they get welfare
their kids take up public shools resources

That adds up to hundres of thousands and even more money that we as a city, state, and nation do not get. Your kids your city have to do budget cuts because of this. How is that fair to people who did it proper and already U.S. citizens that pay these things new or old.

fhero: If you're going to be "one-sided" about immigrants, then your argument hits the mark. Immigrants have always been easy targets, they don't fight back. As for "public school resources" you should be more concerned that Texas ranks 47th amongst the states. How much of your tax dollars are waisted cause the issue is too complicated to get your mind around? You make Texas sound liberal if you think it provides welfare for immigrants. Tax issues are employer-driven responsibilities, per IRS.

Why don't we pick and choose what laws we want to follow and follow only those. Illegal = against the law. Mexico one of the worst violators of human rights and I don't see anyone protesting there. If you want to come into the USA do it legally. I am not against people trying to make a better life for themselves, just do it the right way or wait that isn't in their language. Hence our drugged prostitute "sister" city Juarez the most violent city in the world, I dare you to go there and protest.

OldOrchard: How do you feel about the millions of U.S. drug addicts that demand supplies of drugs from anywhere? Sorry, I din't mean to misdirect your thoughts.

Illegal immigration is a problem. How do you propose to fix it? And providing amnesty to current illegal aliens is not a solution.

To bad they don't spend all that time and energy protesting the Mexican government to do something about the thousands of murders and out of control crime and violence going on there. Instead they protest against American citizens and the State of Arizona, go figure.
The only thing we are asking for is prof of legal residence, they are killing you people in Mexico, who exactly is the enemy here?

I do not agree with all of the Az Law, but something does have to be done to stop crime on the border and migration of people coming in undocumented. Now Az really has a Big Problem Real Crime. I can understand how the Citizen in Az Are Fed up with crime. Thats why we need to know who comes in our border. How Americans stand up for what we do not like, Mexicans Citizens can do the same in thier country, just like they do in AZ. They throw rocks at the law officres. That is not right. What a MESS

These IDIOT protesters are slapping the LEGAL immigrants, who have entered the U.S. by following the law , in the face. My parents worked hard to Naturalize and came into the U.S. the legal way. Why should these LAZY illegals be given a break? That's all they really are...LAZY. They live here as ILLEGAL Immigrants for years, mooch off our health & welfare services and don't even bother to learn english or apply for a Perm. Resident card! They don't deserve to be given a break. KUDOS AZ!!!!

I totally agree. I bet if Housing Authority would really conduct an audit of all the residents living in public housing, you would find that the majority are not legally here, and are reaping from all the benefits, Medicaid, Welfare, etc. Even those that live in Juarez, benefit from Welfare, Medicaid, SSI and Social Security. I took my grandmother one day to the Social Security Office and the conversations there are amazing. I can't understand also why they are afforded a TX Driver's License?

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