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Swinging into Shape

POSTED: Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - 5:37pm

UPDATED: Saturday, August 7, 2010 - 1:58pm

EL PASO - After putting up with the daily grind... some women unwind by winding around a pole.

"Just name a profession and they've been here.  Name an age...I think the most mature lady we had was 65 years old."

This no-boys-allowed approach to fitness spices up the typical workout routine while targeting all the right places.

"This is a lot of cardio and weight-training together and it also gives you that flexibility. when you go to a gym, you don't have all three classes together."

Since certified pole fitness instructor Shaka Spagnoletti opened Fit Pole in April 2009... about 800 women have pounced the pole in hopes of swinging their way into smaller dress sizes.

"The first thing they ask...will we be learning to strip?  I said there's no stripping here.  We get a lot that and that's when we first started and now we have a reputation and they know it's a legitimate workout. so now we're getting people...they're asking how much weight will you lose?  Who will be in the class?  So people are curious."

Spagnoletti wants to strip away a common misconception... her studio doesn't serve as a strippers' academy for these vertical actions don't imply any sort of horizontal wish.

"A lot of people think this started in the strip club.  Pole fitness, actually the originated in China and the original name for pole fitness is Chinese Poles and it's a form of gymnastics and acrobatics."

Spagnoletti says pole fitness could even become an Olympic sport by 2012 as the Pole Fitness Association continues to work toward this goal.

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I LOVE THIS STORY! I have been looking for a class like this for a while. I hope it DOES become an Olympic sport by 2012. I would be the first one to try out.

I think any guy would love their girl to do this workout; I know mine would.

Lindsey, keep up the good stories!

So your making something that is sunominious with "strippers" and trying to make it an olympic sport.

So does that mean Crystal like the champangne can represent America in 2012. I love how you think this is a good idea because it sends the wrong message to people. So a "stripper" who has done things we as a society shun against can become a national hero like Phelps?

If cheerleading was denied Olympic status i hope that this fails even worse.

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