Immigration Film Debuts in Borderland

POSTED: Sunday, August 15, 2010 - 5:57pm

UPDATED: Sunday, August 15, 2010 - 7:38pm

El Paso - A controversial film is premiering tonight as the 3rd annual Plaza Classic Film Festival draws to a close. It deals with the hot topic of immigration and was filmed right here in the Borderland.
"Illegales"is a movie detailing the struggles many people face while trying to cross over the border from Mexico to El Paso.

The film was made last year and is now getting critical acclaim on the festival circuit. It's now coming home to a native audience along with many of it's actors and producer, Jake Pokluda, who says the film isn't about politics.

It's not to take a political stance either way or either side of it. It's simply to tell a story of those characters going through this situation or how they triumph or fail," says Pokluda.

"This is a journey of the heart. At it's own label my family, your family we all came for opportunities, we all came for a better life," attests actor, Jorge Jimenez.

They say their breakthrough film isn't about political messages. But, both actors and producers admit "Illegales" is hitting the big screen at a time when the political climate surrounding immigration is boiling.

Pokluda says, "Unless you're an immigrant who had to cross through these byways, either illegally or legally you're a tourist on the issue and you need to delve into that and put yourself in their shoes."

"The last person I heard anybody asking for papers please, was Germany asking the Jews. If anybody looks to quote the Governor looks like an immigrant has to be pulled over and questioned than I think we should all be pulled over and questioned," contends lead actor Luis Bordonada, who is an immigrant himself.

"Illegales" was filmed in Las Cruces and El Paso.

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