The Making Of A Corn Maze

POSTED: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 - 1:42pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 - 6:06pm

LA UNION- Corn mazes have become a fall tradition young and old take part in.
Even though we're still in the middle of summer, the work to get a maze started begins in December. Now that the crop is growing, the work to begin the intricate design begins.

It is easy to get lost in a corn maze. With the stalks standing between 8 to 10 feet, you can only hear other people who are making their way through the maze.  Seeing them is a different story. So how and who exactly builds the maze?

Meet the man behind the "La Union Maze":  Martin Medrano. This is the 12th year he brings his amazing talent to the field.  "When I start to make the pathways, it's only a foot tall," said Martin.

The maze all starts with a drawing.  "When they give me the drawing, I put down the marking flags every 20 feet and every 10 feet with a different color so I can keep track of the design," said Martin.

In total, Martin says it'll take him about 50 hours to lay down the design before he moves on to the next step.

"I spray paint the whole drawing and once I’ve sprayed the whole area, I spray weed killer in every section that is going to be a pathway," said Martin.

That prevents anything from growing in those areas. Then, he sprays fertilizer on the plants that remain, so they can grow quickly. For the next few weeks, he waters the crops and keeps an eye on the pathways to make sure everything is growing as it should.

"When it's done, we fly over the maze in a plane and take pictures and make sure everything looks good," said Martin.

Martin says out of all the mazes he'd done over the years the one he's working on now is the most intricate yet.  "It’s more complicated. It has more turns. But it'll still turn out well," said Martin.

He says he can't wait till the maze opens in mid-September so he can show off his latest creation.  "Come so you can see it and have fun. It's going to be pretty," said Martin.

As far as what the design is this year, they're keeping that top secret, but we can tell you that it's pretty impressive. As soon as we get the okay, we'll not only let you know, but let you see it high from the sky.



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