Northeast El Paso Man Turns Dead Palm Trees Into Plant Pots

POSTED: Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - 3:14pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - 7:07pm

EL PASO-Drive anywhere around town and chances are you'll see a dead palm tree.
The winter freeze killed a lot of vegetation in the Sun City, including palms. Most of them wind up in the landfill, but a northeast El Paso man has figured out a way to salvage a part of the palm tree and turn it into something useful.

Before they became beautiful plant pots, these containers were an eyesore in Yvette Lascurain's back yard. That’s because these pots are made from dead palm trees, damaged by the February freeze.  "We thought they were going to survive but they didn't and so that's when we decided to pull them out," said Yvette.

She called up Joseph Becker to dig them out and make way for new palm trees. Joe, a welder who helped fix pipes after the winter storm, saw that a lot of homeowners were dealing with the same situation.  "That's when I realized that my hat was made out of palm tree and I said, you know, there's got to be something else that I can do with these palms besides throw them out in the dumpster," said Joe.

Joe searched the internet and saw that, in India, they make pots out of palm trees and he decided to embark on the project. Before long, Yvette caught wind of his experiment.  "I was totally amazed. I first saw them on his website and I called him immediately and I told him, 'Joe, I need a couple of these,'" said Yvette.

We visited Joe’s Northeast El Paso welding shop where he showed us how he turns dead palm trees into attractive containers.  "You actually got to cut them up to the way you want them. Then you got to sand them down, by hand, and this is what I got out of them,” said Joe.

The result after about 14 hours of labor is a dead palm tree makeover.  "You don't see this anywhere. And so that's what I love about it, is that it's so unique and gorgeous and it's natural," said Yvette.

If you'd like an extra decoration thrown in, Joe can weld just about any design onto the pot.  "This would me more military or for somebody who's big into guns like I am or you can have the flowers of different sorts, different types,” said Joe.

Yvette can't wait to show off her new palm plant pots, which she plans to display at the entrance of her home and in the backyard.  "I would absolutely recommend these to anybody. Look how beautiful and unique these plants look. My husband and I were thinking of putting gorgeous big plants that just pop out to make a statement. They're beautiful," said Yvette.

The palm plant pots cost anywhere between $80 to $200 depending on the size, age and type of palm tree. If you'd like more information, visit

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Great idea. I want to buy a couple pots and give as a birthday present for a friend who lives in Tempe AZ.

nice job and glad to see that someone is doing good with the dead palms

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