Oil in Gulf Leaks Unchecked

Saturday, July 10, 2010 - 7:37pm

BP has launched a new attempt to stop the flow of oil into the Gulf, and in the short term more oil is being allowed to escape into the Gulf waters.

Crews are trying to wrestle a new, more efficient containment cap into place, and in doing so, they had to remove the old one that's been slowing the oil flow.

Brian Mooar has the story from Washington.

A mile below the surface of these fouled Gulf waters a new effort to cap off the oil leak.

Using robotic tools crews successfully removed the containment cap that's been slowing the gusher of crude.

Now they'll have to maneuver a tighter fitting cap into place, and that could take days.

In the meantime oil will continue to spew into the gulf, unchecked.

As crews try clean up the mounting mess on shore.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius toured the area to see how the region is coping.
"Getting the oil cleaned up is critical. But also making sure that the worker's
health is tended to along the way," said Sebelius.

If all goes according to plan in BP's latest effort.

The oil company could be collecting eighty thousand barrels of crude a day.

But not until early August.
BP says it's collected 734,000 barrels of oil to date, but no one can say how much oil has escaped.

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