Zoo zebra creates Twitter page

Zoo zebra creates Twitter page
Tuesday, September 24, 2013 - 3:37pm

What has four legs, stripes and a sense of humor?
El Paso Zoo's Stormy the Zebra Twitter page!

Stormy created her Twitter account at the start of September and already has more than 50 followers.

Among her posts on Tuesday: "Did you know zebras can run up to 35 miles per hour? It's like a morning commute on I-10," and "That is the third visitor today to try and scan me. People! I am NOT a bar code!!"

Stormy shied away from an on-camera interview with NewsChannel 9, but zookeepers say she was their perfect choice to go social.

"We thought it would be a unique experience for visitors to hear an animal's point of view through one of these social platforms," said Carrie Trudeau, the zoo's Animal Training and Enrichment Coordinator. "Stormie has such a bubbly personality and a strong sense of humor, that we thought she was the perfect animal for the job."

When we asked how Stormy is even capable of tweeting with her hooves, Trudeau said there are some secrets that should not be revealed.

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