Zoning vote delayed


POSTED: Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 5:13pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 20, 2013 - 12:02pm

El Paso City Council members faced a tough crowd early in the meeting, as residents from a Central El Paso neighborhood showed their disdain for possible rezoning to build a Wal-mart.

The residentswho live near Montana and Chelsea were hoping for a resolution Tuesday.

"This is ridiculous," said resident Grace Haddoz. "The residents clearly do not want it".

"This is ridiucolous to postpone it," said resident Ana Valdez. "We are united. We get together. We don't want it".

They're fighting a proposed neighborhood Wal-mart where a Chico's Tacos and a veterinary clinic now stand.
City council was supposed to vote on a zoning change, but everyone will have to wait two more weeks.

District 5 City Rep. Michiel Noe asked to postpone the vote because he says some of the petition doesn't make sense.
He said some people and businesses have said they both support and don't support the rezoning.
something Noe says needs to be sorted out before the vote.

Residents say his argument isn't valid and is just a cover up for his real motivation.

"They're waiting for the new city council to come in," Haddox said. "It's a ploy,".

"We have a person outside of our district who is, who is, purposefully and intentionally delaying the vote which is vital to the people of the city," said former resident Ruven Valdez.

City council is scheduled to decide at the July 2nd city council meeting.


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Noe looked like a complete idiot and in 2 weeks we will see if he is in Wal Marts pocket. To me it is Noe that does not make sense.

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