Zombie Apocalypse! Family hopes to spread Halloween spirit

Zombie Apocalypse! Family hopes to spread Halloween spirit

POSTED: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 - 5:28pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 - 7:19pm

Ghosts and zombies normally scare people off. But for one El Paso family this Halloween, it's bringing them together. The Garcia family celebrates Halloween every year. From decking their Far East El Paso home, to decorating cookies; it's all because of a family tradition.
Among the homes nestled in a Far East El Paso neighborhood, one stands and sounds out the most.

"My family and I really wanted to bring that Halloween spirit back, being the fact, you know, we're big Halloween freaks,” Andrea Garcia, the oldest sibling said.

These ‘Halloween freaks’ aka the Garcia family, have been 'deading' up their home for years and it's all thanks to the family patriarch.

"Ever since my grandpa used to do that we just thought it was cool and we liked it and it just brought our family together,” Alejandra Garcia, the middle sibling said.

Their grandfather moved away from El Paso and has also challenged them in a decorating contest.

"We told him what we were doing and you know, he's like you can't beat me, you can't beat me,” Andrea said.

The Halloween spirit has also sparked the giving spirit. The youngest Garcia is planning on spending $40 of his own money for trick-or-treaters."I'm going to be buying candy for the kids because I have more allowance,” Bostjan Garcia, the youngest, said. So if you plan on getting the fright of your life by visiting their home,"Because we have candy but like we only have like, only like, chew bubblegum." You might as well get the best candy of the night.

With all these eerie knick knacks, they're hoping to best their grandfather at who can scare the best.

"Grandpa, if you're watching, we've got you beat,” all three of them exclaimed.

The family did mention it gets eerier at night, and if you're curious, and brave - you'll have to visit the Far East El Paso home for yourself.

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