Ysleta Teachers Association President claims YISD Board is trying to silence her


POSTED: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 - 11:30pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 - 10:40am

Tonight's Ysleta Independent School District board meeting was anything but ordinary. The president of the teacher's association responded to a legal complaint that's been filed against her.
Its no secret that Arlinda Valencia, the president of the Ysleta Teachers Association does not see eye to eye with the district's high level administration.

"I will not give up my freedom of speech," said Arlinda Valencia as she spoke to the board during public comment.
YTA is barred from any YISD district event, campus or office. Valencia says it makes her duties as representative for more than 50% of the teachers in the district, extremely difficult.

Recently, Valencia says YTA made efforts to plan a teacher's social to welcome the district's new teachers and passed out invitations outside of the district's central office property. Jerry Molinoski, the Associate Superintendent of Human Resources sent security out to stop them and then threatened the teachers with police, according to Valencia.

Valencia wrote a letter to the YISD superintendent and now Jerry Molinoski, in response,has filed a 5 page complaint against Valencia to the Texas State Teachers Association, using the YISD District's Attorney. In the complaint, the attorney claims Molinoski he did not threaten the teachers but they were in fact obstructing traffic. He also claims Valencia harasses and intimidates the board members by making unfounded damaging public accusations in the last few years.

"If this person Mr.Molinoski had a problem with me. He should've called me or he could've used his own association. Why did he involve our attorneys? Ysleta attorneys? They're very expensive and I thought they were a waste of tax payers money," said Valencia.

Valencia says there are two issues at play here : a member of the board trying to take away her right to freedom of speech and tax payer dollars being used for Molinoski's personal vendetta.YISD did not want to comment in detail.

"It is our practice to go ahead and ascertain all facts before commenting on them.Therefore, at this point we cannot comment but we will be going ahead and once we review the concerns, we will go ahead and give further comment. I want to say however that we do make an effort of working with all employee organizations including YTA that are very dedicated to students."

Patricia Ayala will be looking into the situation and getting back to NC9 with detail.

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Let me add that at Parkland, also a YISD school, they expect these 12 year olds and older to work out during P.E. running and sweating and then refuse to alow them to shower or even change their clothes. It's disgusting and shows they do not care about the students at all and I really think an investigation into the YISD school practices needs to be done.This school district fails at every level, most especialy for non-native students who at least have known better then this "education" system.

Instead of fighting the administration at YISD should concentrate on the kids. YISD is the WORST school district my kids have ever been in, its embarrassing how little the teachers know. Specifically Desertaire Elementary where the principal is virtually non-existent and the staff is rude to the parents. They were ignorantly unpreprared for the influx of new students they knew were coming and they don't even teach the kids things they need to know in middle school!

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