Ysleta ISD uses state-of-the-art surveillance system to protect students

Ysleta ISD uses state-of-the-art surveillance system to protect students

POSTED: Thursday, March 27, 2014 - 1:37pm

UPDATED: Thursday, March 27, 2014 - 1:38pm

Ysleta Independent School District was thinking outside the box when it comes to protecting your children.

"These kids walk around and they don't feel like big brother is watching over them, they just feel safe," said Security Surveillance Specialist Oscar Mendoza.

The Ysleta ISD Security Department has more than 600 cameras at 63 campuses.

"We feel like we have eyes at every campus and we feel very confident with the capabilities of this system," said Director J.R. Martinez

Martinez came up with a plan after a rash of crimes outside Ysleta ISD schools two years ago.

"We were experiencing a lot of playground fires and not to mention the danger aspect of it, but the cost to the taxpayers was enormous," said Martinez.

Then with the help of Mendoza, Martinez created one of the largest and most state-of-the-art surveillance systems in our region.

A room filled with 42 inch big screen TVs is the center of it all. Staff monitored them 24 hours a day.

"We don't have to wait for somebody to go out there and tell us this subject or such incident. We're able to pull up that information immediately," said Mendoza.

After hours, cameras can alert officers of an intruder. The department has even looked to the border patrol for help to help guard places with low lighting.

"It was going to be very costly so what we did was we implemented thermal imaging so that we could see in just pitch dark," said Mendoza.

Employees were not just working at schools. They use a mobile surveillance unit at football games, graduations and other big events.

"We’re actually on sight, lift up a mast, add some cameras to it and it steams the video back to our center," said Mendoza.

It's with the help of these surveillance techniques, they can protect what's most important.

"Our job is to maintain the security and safety of the schools and their children," said Martinez.

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