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Worldwide Efforts Raise $137 Million for Japan Relief; Less Than Haiti Efforts

Worldwide Efforts Raise $137 Million for Japan Relief; Less Than Haiti Efforts
Wednesday, March 16, 2011 - 3:39pm

JAPAN— U.S. Americans are donating to the relief efforts in Japan after the recent earthquake and tsunami on Friday, but reports said donations are at a slower pace than last year when Haiti was struck by an earthquake.

Americans are helping out, but in four days $23 million was raised for Japan compared to $150 million during the first four days after the earthquake in Haiti last year.

Ken Berger, President and CEO of charity, said he thinks Japan's wealth compared to Haiti's poverty is probably a likely reason. He also said that if the economy was a factor, it would have been seen during the Haiti disaster. is a website that rates the effectiveness and efficiency of charities.

Other factors, said some critics, could be due to the rise of the minimum amount a person can donate via text messaging. But Berger disagreed.

“The money that's coming in from text messaging is actually tapping new donors,a lot of younger donors, a lot of people who might not have felt in a position to give before,” he said.

So far, donations from corporate America are keeping up with amounts contributing with Haiti's recovery.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, $67 million in cash has been raised so far from U.S. companies. Worldwide, corporations have donated $137 million to Japan's relief efforts.  

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