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Wednesday, December 17, 2014 - 8:39pm

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New video surfaces in Eric Garner's death

There are new videos showing police reaction following the choke hold blamed for Eric Garner's death. They aired Thursday on CNN's legal view with Ashleigh Banfield.

VIRAL VIDEO: Adorable little girl explains how cow got in home

CUTE ALERT! An absolutely adorable video of a little girl explaining to her mother how the cow got into her home has gone viral.

Miracle Kitty: Cat shipped to Hawaii

The story is hard to believe, but cat owner Ashley Barth and the veterinarian's office where her pet is being treated say it's true: Mee Moowe the cat survived a month-long trip from Virginia to Hawaii without food or water.

That's not Santa!

Arizona fire crews rescued a teenage boy who got stuck in the chimney of a home in south Scottsdale on Tuesday night.

Call to Santa goes bad

Two young Wisconsin brothers were briefly on the "naughty list" after their attempt to phone Santa Claus. They boys dialed 911 instead, which resulted in a visit from the Mayville police.

One driver, 16 DUIs

Denny Lovern has 16 alcohol-related driving convictions, most of which were in Colorado.

Phoenix police shooting criticized

Witnesses are challenging the account of a Phoenix, Arizona police shooting that left an unarmed suspect dead.

Orion launch scrubbed

NASA's Orion test launch and the future of deep space exploration has been put on hold for at least one more day. Thursdays' planned launch was scrubbed after multiple delays.

'Peter Pan' goes live

Months of training and rehearsals culminate tonight for Allison williams during the live performance of "Peter Pan" airing on NBC.

Garner Death: Calls for change

Protesters took to the streets in cities across the country Wednesday evening to voice their outrage over a grand jury's decision not to indict the New York City Police officer who put a man in a choke-hold, a move that the medical examiner

Child care costs more than college

It's no secret that child care is expensive. But new numbers show just how deeply it can eat into a family budget -- in many cases, even deeper than what may spend on college.

Toy-related injuries send a record number of kids to the E.R.

With the holiday toy shopping season here in full swing you may want to think twice about a couple of the items that may be on your child's list. That's because toy-related injuries are on the rise according to a new report.

Ho, ho, go! Aeropostale closing 75 stores during holiday season

Aeropostale is picking up its pace of store closings, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Tommy Hilfiger wants to sell you a solar-powered jacket

Is it possible to wear solar panels on your back and be fashionable at the same time? Tommy Hilfiger thinks so.

New film 'James Bond Spectre'

The past is new again for agent 007: The next James Bond film will be called "Spectre." Director Sam Mendes announced the name of the 24th official Bond film Thursday at England's Pinewood Studios.