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Road rage suspect knew victim, husband says

Tammy Meyers and Erich Nowsch were neighbors. Their homes are walking distance from each other and from a park.

Sling TV: Cutting the cord

Once considered relics, rabbit ear TV antennas are back in vogue for people ditching cable service. Many millennials are skipping traditional TV and opting for streaming services that promise anywhere, anytime entertainment.

Severed heads litter parks

Animal Control officers in Sacramento, California are investigating six cases of mutilated animals, including a cow, that were found at three city parks.

This weekend at the theaters

Hollywood's finest films will be honored at the Oscars this weekend which means the studios' other offerings are playing in theaters now. If you like stories about ugly ducklings and magical hot tubs, grab some popcorn!

Global diets getting worse

A new study reveals the diets of people around the world are getting worse, instead of better. Researchers looked the eating habits of almost 90% of the global population between 1990 and 2010.

The $160,000 Oscars gift bag

Only in Hollywood do losers still win and winners win twice.

Heartwarming hairstylist

A single dad in Pueblo, Colorado is gaining international fame this week over the way he styles his daughter's hair.

Sources: Bobbi Kristina Brown's breathing tube removed

Doctors have removed Bobbi Kristina Brown's breathing tube, two sources close to the family told CNN on Thursday.

Rattlesnake bite claims Marine's leg

An Oklahoma Marine is recovering from a ghastly wound. Doctors had to amputate his lower leg after he was bitten by a rattlesnake near Ft. Sill in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

Disneyland measles cases genetically similar to Philippines outbreak

The measles cases linked to Disneyland is genetically similar to the one involved in a massive outbreak in the Philippines, according to an analysis.

Ax robber cries for mommy

An ax-wielding Oklahoma City teen is behind bars following an unusual attempted robbery. The young suspect was left begging for his mommy when a determined store clerk fought him off with a can of mace.

Rap star Vanilla Ice: Burglary arrest 'blown out of proportion'

Out on bail, rapper Vanilla Ice said the burglary and grand theft charges he's facing is a misunderstanding.

America's latest indulgence? Bacon-wrapped pizza

The baconification of America just reached a new level. No longer is it enough to have bacon on your pizza. A new menu offering from Little Caesars will also wrap 3.5 feet of bacon around the pizza's crust.

Facebook plea saves couple

Animal control officers from three counties seized dozens of dogs from a Belfair, Washington home Sunday night. Deputies described the conditions as "filthy," according to Mason County Detective Bill Adam.