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5 ways to eat healthier this year and lose weight in the process

(CNN: -- Nutrition is a hot topic these days, yet many of my clients still struggle with consistently following through with "the basics," and the stats show that missing the mark on many healthy habits is the norm.

Al Qaeda branch claims responsibility for Charlie Hebdo attack

CNN) -- Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula claimed responsibility Wednesday for last week's rampage that killed 12 people at France's Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper. The attack was years in the making, AQAP claimed.

Matthew McConaughey Dazed and Confused audition

 It's safe to say Matthew McConaughey nailed it during his audition for "Dazed and Confused."

Juvenile defendant helps save life of police officer

(CNN) -- A teen who lands in lockup a few times can get on a police department's nerves.

Ben & Jerry's adds three new flavors

The mixologists at Ben and Jerry's are unveiling a trio of new ice creams flavors.

Gluten-free Coors beer coming soon

Gluten free is going mainstream. The maker of Coors Light and Miller Light is launching its first gluten-free beer in February, calling it Coors Peak.

These banks are offering FICO scores for free

Millions of borrowers will gain access to their FICO credit scores for free this year.

911 tapes: Panic in the pileup

In 40 minutes of 911 call recordings, panic can be heard in the voices of drivers caught up in the Friday pileups on I-94 west of Battle Creek, Michigan that left one person dead.

Finding his voice again

The damage caused by a button battery lodged inside the throat of Emmett Rauch, a 5-year-old boy from Peoria, Arizona is staggering. It required 65 surgeries to reconstruct his esophagus.

Charlie Hebdo puts Mohammed on its new cover

In a show of defiance, the surviving staff of Charlie Hebdo has placed a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed on the cover of its first issue since the terrorist attack at its offices last week.

5-year-old boy shoots playmate inside Virginia home

A five-year-old boy was expected to survive after he was shot by another five-year-old boy in Chesterfield.

Tiffany & Co. slammed by weak sales

We might never know how many people received coal for Christmas, but they certainly weren't getting as many diamonds.

1 dead after smoke shuts down D.C. metro station

One passenger died after smoke filled the L'Enfant Plaza metro station in downtown Washington on Monday afternoon, a Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority spokeswoman told CNN.

From ring bearer and flower girl to husband and wife

Briggs Fussy doesn't remember much about walking down the aisle 20 years ago with the woman who would eventually become his wife.

Facebook to send Amber Alerts

Facebook will begin sending Amber Alerts in an effort to help find missing children.