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'Another World' villain Charles Keating dies at 72

Charles Keating, best known for his role as villain Carl Hutchins on the NBC soap opera "Another World," has died, his son said Tuesday.

How Ballmer's $2 billion Clippers deal could pay off

Steve Ballmer's $2 billion deal to buy the Los Angeles Clippers dwarfs the previous $550 million record price for an NBA team the way a basketball center towers over a jockey.

Attorney: Steve Ballmer now owns NBA's Clippers

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is now the official owner of the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers, according to Ballmer's attorney, Adam Streisand.

Eat your selfie on a Middleton marshmallow

Move over Kate Middleton! Younger brother James Middleton is stealing the spotlight with his candy business that prints Instagram and Facebook pictures on marshmallows.

Autopsy results expected in tragic death of Academy Award winner

An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday in the death of comic legend Robin Williams, who authorities believe took his own life. He was found dead Monday at his northern California home. He was 63.

2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season Fast Facts

Here is a look at the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season.  

Federal judge jailed after alleged domestic dispute

A federal judge spent the night in an Atlanta jail after being charged with misdemeanor battery in an alleged domestic violence incident involving his wife.

Gunfire rings out as feds investigate police shooting of teen

Michael Brown was going to defy negative stereotypes, eschewing the street life that plagued many African-American young men to go to college, his mother said.

Cop busts a move

A group of Kansas City, Missouri teens had no idea what to expect when two police officers stopped in a patrol car in their neighborhood Sunday.

Most expensive state to own a car: Wyoming

Why does it cost so much to own a car in Wyoming? Because residents there love the open road.

'Heroic' mission rescues desperate Yazidis from ISIS

The face of 15-year-old Aziza says it all. Her mouth slightly agape, tears stream down her face as she glances around the inside of a helicopter with confusion in her eyes.

Going public with depression

Editor's note: Comedic actor Robin Williams died at his Northern California home Monday, law enforcement officials said. Williams was 63.

New lives for old dogs

Prior to the year 2000 when a Military Working Dog was retired from service it was euthanized, but on Sept. 27, 2000, Congress passed "Robby's Law," which allows military dogs to be adopted once they retire.

'Shark Week' breaks records for Discovery

Shark Week still has plenty of bite.

Experimental Ebola drug on its way to Liberia

The government of Liberia says that sample doses of the experimental Ebola drug ZMapp will be sent there to treat doctors who have contracted the deadly virus.