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Lewinsky makes emotional plea to end cyberbullying

 Monica Lewinsky told an audience in Philadelphia on Monday that her new mission in life was to end cyberbullying.

Some Americans likely to avoid retailers affected by data breaches

The report, just released by indicates that 45-percent of Americans surveyed said they would "definitely not" or "probably not" shop at some of the retailers recently affected by major data breaches during th

Apply pay is here!

Apple pay is here! Beginning today (Monday), you can use your IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 Plus to buy items at more than 220-thousand stores or inside apps.

Pumpkin festival crowd sets fires, throws bottles

Tear gas filled the air as police in riot gear descended on Keene, New Hampshire, trying to disperse a rowdy crowd that brought chaos to the city's 24th annual Pumpkin Festival.

Deaf woman's deaf dog shot and killed

A woman in Alabama is heartbroken, after her dog was shot and killed in broad daylight. What makes the possible crime even more shocking, both the woman and her dog are deaf, Allen Carter has her story.

Halloween: Bigger than ever

Consumers are on target to spend $7.4 billion on everything from candy and costumes to decorations this year, making Halloween bigger than ever.

Amid Ebola fears, cruise ship quarantines worker, airline contacts travelers

(CNN) -- Concerns about even remote chances of Ebola exposure rippled Friday from a U.S.

MMA fighter War Machine attempts suicide in jail

(CNN) -- Mixed martial arts fighter Jonathan Koppenhaver, who is accused of beating up his ex-girlfriend, tried to kill himself in a Las Vegas jail, authorities said.

Mom gives baby to heroin user so she can be 'a normal teen'

A St. Charles teenager is accused of giving away her toddler to a heroin user and then claiming it was kidnapped. Charged with endangering the welfare of a child and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia is Desiree Ann Marie Cozzoni.

Teen mom charged with manslaughter in baby death

The young mother from East Hartford who police say put her dead newborn in a trash can appeared in Manchester Superior court Friday. The infant was discovered back in August and police have been reviewing the details since then.

No time to stop!

Ben and Rachel Kohnen were heading to the hospital in Fort Dodge, Iowa about 4:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, in a race against time. Rachel was in labor, and the baby was coming fast.

Spider gets trapped under man's skin

A man in Australia has been dubbed "Spider Man" after a bizarre turn of events during a trip to Bali.

10-year-old shooter: 'I want to be an inspiration'

 She picks up the custom handgun painted in her favorite colors, purple and black.

Attorney: 600 bullets fired at hostage

An attorney for the family of Misty Holt Singh, taken hostage by three bank robbers in Stockton, California and killed by police in an ensuing chase and shootout, said that police officers used unreasonable force during the pursuit.

Employers measure workers' waistlines

Your mother isn't the only one who wants you to eat right and exercise. Employers are increasingly prodding their workers to lose weight and get more active.