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Could tulips be the new roses?

Move over roses. There's a new flower stealing hearts this V-Day. Tulips are in peak season by the time Valentine's Day rolls around and -- bonus -- usually cost a fraction of the price.

Cops investigate Brooklyn burglary, find 8 puppies instead

Cops went to investigate a vacant building for a reported burglary in progress, but found eight fluffy canines instead.

Arizona officers take daughter of fallen officer to father-daughter dance

Some local police officers showed why they are considered the Valley's finest.

'The Breakfast Club' to return to theaters for anniversary showing

(CNN) -- We really haven't forgotten about them. "The Breakfast Club" has endured as one of the most popular films of the 1980s and now you can relive it.

Friday is Galentine's Day, a day for girl power

It's the day before Valentine's Day and if you watch the NBC'S hit comedy television series "Parks and Recreation" you know Friday is Galentine's Day.

Nissan makes glow-in-the-dark car

Bet you didn't see this coming. Well, actually, you couldn't miss it, especially at night. Nissan has created a special glow-in-the-dark Leaf to advertise the benefits of charging the electric car from solar panels.

Family dog travels 15 blocks, sneaks into hospital to see owner

There's no denying the bond that can develop between people and their pets, and a miniature schnauzer in Iowa proved that nothing-- not even distance ---can break that bond.

Valentines sweets can be heart healthy

You know what they say about foods high in cholestoral.-- avoid them.

'60 Minutes' correspondent Bob Simon dies in car accident

"60 Minutes" correspondent Bob Simon, who covered both the Vietnam and Gulf Wars, died Wednesday in a car accident in New York, CBS News reported. He was 73.

Lester Holt, NBC's marathon man

Lester Holt, he just keeps going and going. Normally the weekend anchor for NBC News, since Monday, Holt's also been filling in for Brian Williams on the weekday "NBC Nightly News."

Starbucks Soul Mates

 It was closing time. Scott Tayloe marched up to the Starbucks counter in Jacksonville, Florida, and handed the barista a napkin with his number on it.

First all African-American little league team stripped of World Series title

The Chicago based Jackie Robinson West little league team, winner of the 2014 United States little league World Series title, has been forced to give up their title. They were the first all African-American team to win the title.

Facebook now lets you post when you're dead

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- You can now assign a friend or family member to take over your Facebook profile when you die.

Flower frisking at the border

Your Valentines Day flowers may look pretty, but they could be carrying something not so pretty inside.

Three winning Powerball tickets

The Powerball numbers are in morning and now it's just a matter of waiting to see who emerges as the lucky winner.