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'Veronica Mars': Will it score at box office like it did on Kickstarter?

Last year, "Veronica Mars" shattered crowdfunding records, and this weekend we'll find out if that translates to box office success.

Attack cat backlash

The story of "Lux" the 22-pound house cat has gone viral after the apparently ferocious feline went berserk in a Portland apartment, prompting his owners to call 911 for help.

Bikini pic hijacked

A Milwaukie, Oregon woman who writes a blog about body acceptance wants to know why an online diet company is using a photo of her in a bikini without her permission.

Caught On Cam: Owner tries to burn puppy store with dogs inside

News 3 in Las Vegas, Nevada has obtained surveillance video from inside the pet store at the center of an arson investigation, and the footage is shocking.

Authorities respond to massive explosion in East Harlem

New York police and fire officials were responding to reports of a massive explosion in Manhattan's East Harlem, authorities said Wednesday.

Malaysia Airlines: What is a transponder?

You keep hearing experts talking about the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and the fact that its transponder went from on to off.

Suffer from migraines? Device worn on the head may prevent them

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the first medical device for preventing migraines. It's called Cefaly and works by stimulating nerves beneath the forehead.

Chelsea Clinton at SXSW: 'I taught my parents how to text'

In her first visit to South by Southwest Interactive, the tech-themed conference underway here, former first daughter Chelsea Clinton devoted the bulk of her prepared talk Tuesday to the admirable work of her family's foundation in improvin

Woman says she and friend flew in cockpit with missing jet's co-pilot in 2011

(CNN) -- The first officer aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines flight once invited two teenagers he just met into the cockpit of his plane during another international flight, one of the women told "Piers Morgan Live."

Bodybuilding champion serves as Pentagon chaplain assistant

Serving as the only chaplain assistant at the Pentagon Chaplain's Office -- responsible for facilitating religious support to 25,000 service members and civilians from all branches of the military -- you wouldn't think Staff Sgt.

NJ agrees to ban Tesla's direct sales

A New Jersey agency has agreed to ban Tesla from selling cars directly to consumers in the Garden State Tuesday.

Stocks fall but sense of calm prevails

On an otherwise quiet trading day in which investors continued to ignore geopolitical risk in Ukraine, a few companies experienced some big stock swings.

CIA: Illegal searches?

(NBC News) Questions are mounting about whether the Central Intelligence Agency can be trusted as leading Senators accuse the agency of interfering with a Congressional investigation into a controversial interrogation program.

Man calls 911 after crazed cat traps family in bedroom

A 22-pound house cat scared a Portland, Oregon family into calling 911 for help Sunday.