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Ohio mother arrested for decapitating 3-month-old daughter

Cincinnati authorities announced an arrest in a horrific crime Tuesday. The brutal murder of a 3-month-old baby. Officials say the child's mother killed her.

Starbucks #RaceTogether backlash

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Not everyone wants to discuss race relations while ordering their morning coffee, it seems.

Kraft recalls 242,000 cases of mac & cheese for metal pieces

Kraft is recalling 240,000 cases of macaroni and cheese because some boxes may contain small pieces of metal.

Who will fight for gay marriage at SCOTUS?

The date for arguments is on the calendar. The questions that the justices will have to decide are clear. Even the amount of time lawyers will have to make their case is set in stone.

Exit polls: Israel election too close to call

Preliminary exit poll estimates released by Israel's three major broadcasters late Tuesday show an election too close to call.

SXSW brings out a different Darrell Issa

A stark contrast from the suited and serious man who once grilled potential 2016 democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Benghazi, this new Rep.

Official: United flight turns around after passenger runs up aisle yelling 'jihad'

A United Airlines flight had to make a U-turn in the sky after an unruly passenger ran toward the cockpit screaming "jihad, jihad," according to a government official with direct knowledge of the incident.

Is this the Apple product that will reinvent TV?

"Apple TV will reinvent the way that you watch television, and this is just the beginning," Apple CEO Tim Cook promised on-stage at a product event last week.

Starbucks is tackling race relations one cup at a time

Not only can Starbucks baristas make the perfect latte for customers, now CEO Howard Schultz is encouraging them to discuss how to improve race relations in America at the same time.

Robert Durst says he 'killed them all' -- but is that admissible in court?

For decades, no one has been able to convict millionaire Robert Durst. Not after his wife's disappearance. Not after his friend's suspicious death. Not even after he admitted he killed and dismembered his neighbor.

Walmart shoplifters spray deodorant and fire shots in bizarre escape

Police are looking for several shoplifting suspects who fired shots at someone they may have thought had followed them out of the store.

Powdered alcohol gets Washington OK

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Soon you can get your hands on some Palcohol -- or powdered alcohol, for those who don't know. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has approved Palcohol for sale.

Worst cities to be a renter

Renters across the nation are being squeezed by rising rents and stagnant wages.