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Pope to visit Philadelphia next year for conference

(CNN) -- Pope Francis accepted the invitation of Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput to attend the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia next year, the Catholic News Service reported Friday.

New report: Many overweight kids don't see themselves that way

Many overweight kids don't seem to see themselves that way, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

President Obama to meet with Central American leaders Friday

Today (Friday), President Obama is expected to meet with leaders from Central America about the humanitarian crisis at the U.S.border.

Would you quit your job if you won the lottery?

If you won the lottery today, would you keep working or quit your job?

Dolls resembling girls placed in front of homes

Four families in San Clemente have been targeted in a disturbing pattern under investigation by authorities: porcelain dolls have been left at their homes resembling young girls who live there.

3 things that will drive your life insurance premiums through the roof

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- What you'll pay for a life insurance policy can vary dramatically; men pay higher premiums than women, older policyholders pay more than younger ones and smokers pay more than non-smokers.

Army study looks at 'Developing Mental Armor for Soldiers'

In December 2013, the Army Study Program Management Office published "PTSD - Is Mental Armor Possible?"

Shrinking Army looking to fill its Reserve Component

Whenever unemployment increases, there are always media stories about CEOs and small-business owners desperately seeking workers skilled in high-demand occupations.

Darth Car unveiled at Comic-Con

The Force is strong with this one.

Family of 17 to share $20 million lottery jackpot

 The Endreson family lottery pool -- a tradition born out of their mother's long-term dreams -- finally paid off when the 17 siblings won a $20 million jackpot, New Jersey lottery officials said Thursday.

2 dead, 25 hurt after powerful storm hits campground

(CNN) -- A powerful storm that ripped through a Virginia campground on Thursday killed two people and injured at least 25, including three in critical condition, according to police and hospital officials.

IRS is warning about a telephone scam

We have a warning from the Internal Revenue Service. The federal government said scammers are duping people out of millions of dollars in a past-due tax scam.

Can smartphones reduce stress at work?

We all have so much stress at work and with a smartphone in your hand it can be easy to stray from work, but take this new research to your boss and you might not have to sneak around with your smartphone anymore.

Israel's new President takes office Thursday

Israel's new President takes office today (Thursday) -- as the nation copes with the ongoing crisis in Gaza. Reuven Rivlin replaces outgoing President Shimon Peres.

U.S. ends ban on flights into Israel's Ben Gurion Airport

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Federal Aviation Administration removed its ban on U.S. passenger planes flying to and from Tel Aviv Wednesday night, a day-and-a-half after stopping all the flights citing security concerns.