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Three winning Powerball tickets

The Powerball numbers are in morning and now it's just a matter of waiting to see who emerges as the lucky winner.

Auto insurers accused of pushing cheap and sometimes dangerous repairs

Car repair shops say auto insurance companies are coercing them to use cheap parts and sometimes dangerous practices to fix vehicles involved in accidents.

Florence + The Machine video, 'Pitch Perfect 2' will make your day

The pop culture gods have been good to us on this day.

What's in Obama's proposed military force authorization? And what's the point?

Congress is poised to authorize the use of military force for the first time in nearly 13 years after President Barack Obama sent a draft joint resolution to lawmakers on Wednesday.

Over 55,000 tickets sold for USA-Mexico in San Antonio

The U.S. Men's National Team will be playing in front of a record crowd for soccer in San Antonio on April 15 for USA-Mexico, Presented by AT&T.

Netflix takes a leap of faith on Cuba

 Netflix's announcement that its streaming video service would be available in Cuba came as a surprise to many -- even to the Cuban government

10 romantic destinations you should know about

Paris is romantic. Everybody knows that. But it doesn't have a trademark on the term, and it's certainly not the only destination out there rousing amorous couples into expressing their love.

With Jon Stewart's exit, late-night wars shift online

Jon Stewart's departure from "The Daily Show" later this year means that Jimmy Kimmel will have the longest-running show on late-night. Let that sink in for a moment.

Want cheap airfare? This is the best day to book a plane ticket

Hoping to snag the best price on a plane ticket? Try booking almost seven weeks in advance.

Suspect charged in student slaying

A day after three Muslim college students were gunned down in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 46-year-old Craig Stephen Hicks was formally charged wednesday morning with three counts of first-degree murder.

Smartphone step counts

Technology: the solution to, and cause of, so many of life's problems. For better and for worse, we're tethered to our computers, glued to our TVs and parked in front of video games for hours. Even texting can hurt your body.

Heinz gives ketchup a kick with Sriracha

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Heinz is adding a dash of Asian-style spice to its ketchup. The company said it is releasing a new product this month: Heinz Tomato Ketchup Blended with Sriracha Flavor. H.J.

Pollution is driving foreign executives out of China

 A majority of American companies operating in China are having trouble recruiting senior executives from abroad due to rising concerns over inten

Five things to know for your New Day -- Wednesday, February 11

Another U.S. hostage in Syria is dead. NBC suspends Brian Williams. And U.S. troops on Ebola duty are headed home. It's Wednesday and here are the 5 things to know for your New Day ISIS U.S. CAPTIVE DEAD

U.S. bringing home almost all troops sent to Africa in Ebola crisis

The U.S. military is bringing home all but 100 troops sent to West Africa 10 months ago to support efforts to battle the Ebola epidemic, the Pentagon announced Tuesday in a press release.