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Teen goes to Target looking for a tie, gets that and more

 (CNN) -- Turns out, talking to strangers is not so bad after all.

Teen goes to Target looking for a tie, gets that and more

Turns out, talking to strangers is not so bad after all. At least for a North Carolina teen, who went to Target to look for a clip-on tie for a job interview. Instead, he became the subject of a touching moment and a viral photo.

How one El Paso woman is fighting back against Heart Disease

"I thought it was a heat stroke because 3 months prior to this, I had a heat stroke," says heart attack survivor Arlene Wilcox.

Hubble captures triple solar eclipse on Jupiter

The Hubble space telescope peers hundreds, thousands, millions of light years into the universe to study novas, quasars and nebulas.

Boy dies after re-routed 911 call

A California boy is dead after collapsing during his middle school gym class, and some are saying a mis-routed 911 call may have contributed.

Valentine spoilers cover your tracks!

People will be spending more this year on Valentine's Day according to the National Retail Federation, and many will be buying gifts online.

VIDEO: 'Teacher of the Year' charged with 3 counts of child rape

A former Washington state Regional Teacher of the Year has been charged with three counts of third degree child rape.

The 13th Juror: Watching Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for clues

When I look at Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in court, I hear my mother's voice. "Sit up straight." "Get your hair out of your face." "Stop fidgeting."

Money Talk: Stressed about money

Stressed about money

Pope says it's OK to spank children if you don't demean them

(CNN) -- Pope Francis has stirred up a hornet's nest with remarks in which he said it's OK for parents to spank children, so long as they do it with dignity. The comments came in his general audience Wednesday in St.

Police: 6-year-old boy 'kidnapped' for being too nice to strangers

 (CNN) -- A 6-year-old boy in Missouri endured an emotional four-hour staged kidnapping because his family thought he was being too nice to people

Sony Pictures executive resigns her post

Two months after a devastating cyber-attack, Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairman Amy Pascal is stepping down from her post, the studio announced on Thursday.

ThrowbackThursday: 'Saved by the Bell,' '227' reunions

Who knew Jimmy Fallon went to Bayside High?

Georgia barber gives bad kids embarrassing haircuts

A Georgia barber is offering a unique service to help misbehaving kids clean up their act. Russell Frederick is the co-owner of A-1 Kutz Salon in Snellville.

BBB warns of Facebook friend scam

There are plenty of Facebook scams making the rounds, but this one is particularly strange.