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Apple's next big announcements coming in June

The next big round of Apple announcements are expected to happen in June. The company announced a date of June 2, 2014 for its next worldwide developers conference.

New report: Parents need to limit kid's screen time

iPads, iPhones, TV's -- bring anything with a screen in the room and chances are a kid's eyes will be glued to it. We've long suspected this isn't best and this new research confirms those suspicions.

Drivers experience pain at the pump

Drivers needing to fill up their tank will once again feel the pain at the pump. Gas prices are on the rise for the eighth week in a row. They're up nearly five cents a gallon since March 21st.

Atlanta Archbishop vacating $2.2 million mansion after criticism

After coming under sharp criticism and issuing an apology earlier this week, the Archbishop of Atlanta announced Saturday that he would vacate his $2.2 million mansion in early May.

NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Fast Facts

(CNN) -- Here's some background information about the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

Flight 370: Search teams investigate sounds picked up in ocean

Search teams looking for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 are investigating a number of sounds detected by ships in the southern Indian Ocean, authorities said Sunday, but it's not yet clear if any of them are from the missing plane's so-ca

Complex rescue under way of sick baby girl on high seas

(CNN) -- A multistage operation is under way in the Pacific Ocean to bring a 1-year-old-girl who became seriously ill on a sailboat hundreds of miles off Mexico to shore for treatment, officials said Saturday.

Attack after same-sex marriage shines light on Michigan hate crime law

(CNN) -- Nine days after her same-sex wedding, a 28-year-old Michigan woman was set upon on her way home from work, knocked unconscious by three men who kicked and punched her while shouting anti-gay epithets.

Chinese patrol ship detects pulse in southern Indian Ocean

The ship searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 first detected a pulse signal on Friday but couldn't record it because the signal stopped abruptly, a Shanghai-based Communist Party newspaper said.

Wife of Flight 370 passenger: 'I needed to know they were looking for Pauly'

PERTH, Australia (CNN) -- Danica Weeks says she just couldn't take it anymore.

Female warrior-citizen platoon helped usher visibility, equality in 1974 Army Reserve

 Women have faithfully served in the military since our Nation's inception, but complete equality and acceptance within the ranks has been an ongoing effort with many important milestones.

SecArmy: Tracking 'insider threats' challenging

The Army has done "a great deal since the tragedies at Fort Hood in 2009" to track the "insider threat but something happened, something went wrong, and we need to know what that was," Secretary of the Army John M.

After Official's Death, Silence and Suspicion in Nuevo Laredo

Even in a city where residents are used to feigning ignorance about the region's drug wars to avoid threats, violence or death, the silence here the week that a former mayor was confirmed dead was deafening.

Operator of train that jumped tracks at Chicago's O'Hare Airport fired

The driver of a train that jumped the tracks last month at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport -- after having reportedly "dozed off" -- has been fired, a transit authority spokeswoman said Friday.

Is Internet driving Letterman away?

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