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Military personnel moving overseas? POV shipping program changes May 1

The Personal Property directorate at Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command manages the Department of Defense's Privately Owned Vehicle shipping program and wants service members to know there are several changes in the progra

Maybe immigration reform isn't dead after all

Conventional political wisdom suggests that immigration reform in a midterm election year has a snowball's chance in July of getting any traction. But maybe that wisdom isn't so conventional.

Powdered alcohol could be in the mix

Alcohol has been whipped, vaporized, canned into energy drinks and mixed into Jell-O shots. Now, meet powdered alcohol.

How some colleges are offering free textbooks

College student Caitlin Ryen works two jobs to support herself and pay tuition at South Florida Community College. When a new semester rolls around, that usually means choosing which textbooks to buy, or not buying any at all, she says.

Online plea helps find birth mom

A 19-year-old Iowa woman is meeting her birth mother for the first time thanks to a photo she posted online. Hannah Stouffer of Urbandale posted a photo asking for information on her birth mother earlier this week.

Egg hunt horror

Police in Knoxville, Tennessee have identified the body of the man found during a family's Easter egg hunt as Joshua Wayne Grubb, 29, a homeless man. They believe he died of natural causes.

Kraft recalling some hot-dogs

Kraft is recalling 96,000 pounds of hot dogs because packaging labels were incorrect, federal officials said Sunday.

Study finds children still prescribed codeine, despite concerns

Many doctors are still prescribing codeine for children, despite safety concerns. At least, that's what a new study published in the Journal Pediatrics found.

Gas prices are once again on the rise

The pain at the pump continues thanks to a big jump in gas prices. Prices rose nearly nine cents over the past two weeks. The average price for unleaded is now $3.69 a gallon, the highest in 13 months.

A popular burrito chain is upping its prices

Grocery shoppers aren't the only ones seeing a surge in food prices. That tasty burrito will cost you more as well.

Chris Brown on trial in D.C.: Bodyguard set to defend singer

(CNN) -- Although Chris Brown faces just a misdemeanor charge, the singer has a lot riding on Monday's assault trial in Washington.

Kraft recalls 96,000 pounds of hot dogs after packaging problem

Kraft is recalling 96,000 pounds of hot dogs because packaging labels were incorrect, federal officials said Sunday.

Thousands gather for Pope Francis' Easter Sunday Mass

Pope Francis led mass on Easter Sunday under beautiful sunny skies at the Vatican.

Easter celebrations around the world

Christians celebrated Easter around the world Sunday, but with reminders of violence and politics.

'Wake up, please!': 13 more bodies from South Korea ferry brought ashore

JINDO, South Korea (CNN) -- Boat after boat, body after body from a capsized South Korean ferry came ashore Sunday morning, a solemn process interrupted by piercing cries and screams from passengers' kin.