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First Weightloss Device Approved by FDA

It's a happy day for many looking to lose that unhealthy weight. A brand new weight loss device is now approved by the FDA. It's a new pacemaker-like weight loss device called the maestro system.

New Research: Pregnant Women Should Eat Fish

   The FDA recommends pregnant women cut down on eating fish to twice a week. It's known that the mercury found in fish can affect brain development. But the benefits of fish may outweigh these risks.

Federal charges unlikely for Darren Wilson in Ferguson case, officials say

 (CNN) -- A federal investigation has not found enough evidence to charge Darren Wilson for depriving Michael Brown of his civil rights, according to multiple sources familiar with the probe.

Jeff Gordon to run final full-time NASCAR season in 2015

Jeff Gordon, the celebrated stock car champion whose crossover appeal helped take NASCAR into the mainstream, will compete in his 23rd and final full-time Sprint Cup Series season in 2015. He announced his decision this morning to the No.

Patriots coach says he's shocked by allegations that balls were deflated

(CNN) -- New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick said Thursday that he was "shocked" to hear allegations that his team's footballs were under-inflated in violation of NFL rules, a controversy that's cast a shadow over his te

Red Velvet Oreos available just before Valentine's Day

Just in time for Valentine's Day, you'll be able to buy Red Velvet Oreos, beginning February 2nd.

Vacuum birthday surprise

Dylan Greene of Chesterfield, Virginia is fascinated by vacuums. "He's just really sweet and kind hearted," says mother Jodie Greene.

Cold case breakthrough?

A typical fun night out with friends ended tragically on a dark road near Cortland, New York more than two decades ago.

Passwords you shouldn't be using in 2015

Almost all your important information in life these days is proctected by a password, sometimes a simple one to crack.

Too drunk to gamble?

Mark Johnston lost $500,000 Super Bowl weekend last year at a Las Vegas casino. Now he's suing for more than $1 million plus attorney fees from the casino.

Mastectomies on the rise

A recent study from Vanderbilt University Medical Center reveals that more American women diagnosed with early cancers are now choosing to have mastectomies.

Reducing the Risk of Melanoma

A new study finds a possible link between coffee and a reduced risk of the deadliest form of skin cancer. The study was published in the journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Healthy Food Substitutes for Fattening Food

 Have you been putting off that New Year's diet? Well, it's not too late to start. A few changes in your ingredients can make a big difference on your waistline.

130K Pages of Air Force UFO Files Posted Online

It's a win for the UFO believers. Secret government files on the possible existence of unidentified flying objects are no longer secret.