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'Colbert Report' says goodbye with record ratings

The Colbert Nation tuned in big time to say goodbye to "The Colbert Report." On Thursday, 2.5 million viewers watched as Stephen Colbert ended his very popular satirical news show, "The Colbert Report."

Mother arrested after 8 children found dead in Australia, police say

The mother of seven of the eight children found dead in a house in the northeastern Australian city of Cairns has been arrested on suspicion of murder, said police Inspector Bruno Asnicar.

Holiday lights so bright you can see them from space

(CNN) -- Those lights you put up for the holidays don't just brighten your neighborhood -- they are providing NASA with new data about how cities illuminate the night.

'An unspeakable crime' -- 8 children found dead at home in Australia

Eight children, the youngest of them only 18 months old, have been found dead at a suburban home in the northeastern Australian city of Cairns in a case that the country's Prime Minister has called "an unspeakable crime."

Atheists release own version of Ten Commandments

What if, instead of climbing Mount Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments from God, Moses had turned to the Israelites and asked: Hey, what do you guys think we should do?

Gruesome discovery: Small bodies inside abandoned storage locker

When Regina Zimmer bid $40 on an abandoned storage unit in Colfax, California, near Sacramento, all she did before the purchase was look at the unit from the outside and hope to find something valuable.

Source: Hackers send new message to Sony

BREAKING: The FBI says it "now has enough information to conclude that the North Korean government is responsible" for last month's cyberattack on Sony Pictures. EARLIER:

Kids Fantasy flight to the North Pole

While most children wait and hope Santa visits them at home on Christmas Eve, this year dozens of Denver-area children went directly to the big man's Arctic home turf.

Gas drops to $1.93 in Missouri city

The cost of filling up keeps going down. Gas prices have been dropping across the country over the past few months. In Springfield, Missouri, it has fallen below the $2 mark. Commuters filled up for $1.93.

Ralph Lauren chastised for Native American ads

Ralph Lauren's 2014 holiday ad campaign for its RRL line is being raked over the coals on social media for its "assimilation aesthetic," featuring what appear to be antique photos of stoic Native Americans dressed in Western attir

Long lost luggage returns

We've all heard of nightmarish lost luggage tales, when bags go missing at the airport. Often times they turn up. But after 20 years what are the chances? This week a Tucson, Arizona woman received such a phone call.

911 operators deliver music

Emergency dispatcher Kari Bueno once wanted the person clogging up their lines with false 911 calls to get into a lot of trouble.

Caught on cam: Bear vs. Santa

A California photographer captured amazing video after setting up several remote cameras in the Angeles National Forest. He set up a Santa Claus doll in hopes of recording it with a mountain lion.

Re-gifting is fine... if you follow these rules

Happy Re-Gifting Day! Today might not be a well-known holiday marked on calendars (yet), but it's a practice many of us are familiar with during the holiday season.

It's Bake Cookies Day!

Here's another reason to make something special for the holidays. Thursday is 'Bake Cookies Day."