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Mexico's president unveils new police force

One of Mexico's President Peña Nieto's promises during his campaign was to create a new national police force. On Friday, he unveiled a 5,000 member force.  They will be stationed in mostly rural areas.

Detective: Couple lured Amish girls with dog, planned on enslaving them

A puppy was used to lure two Amish girls into a car in upstate New York, with the captors plotting to enslave the sisters, authorities said.

Lauryn Hill releases song in support of Ferguson

Lauryn Hill has been performing her song "Black Rage" in concert for years, but on Wednesday she released a recording of the song in support of the residents of Ferguson, Missouri, in the wake of the Michael Brown incident.

Bean bags recalled after the deaths of two children

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Ace Bayou Corp., of New Orleans, La., are announcing the voluntary recall of about 2.2 million bean bag chairs following the deaths of two children.  

Scott Weiland: I'm not in jail

Well played, fake Scott Weiland.

Four injured in ice bucket challenge

Four Kentucky firefighters were shocked Thursday, one of them critically, while helping the Campbellsville University marching band with an ALS ice bucket challenge.

Last minute getaways

A new study which found that 40% of American workers don't use all of their vacation time has spawned an offer from the travel industry that these workers may find difficult to refuse.

Ice Bucket Challenge: One man's hope

If you're still not sold on the ice bucket challenge that's been spreading through social media, the ALS Association reported Tuesday that more than $22-million has come into their organization, as compared to just under $2-million in d

Caught on cam: Struck by lightning

An Idaho woman was nearly struck lightning Tuesday as she and her daughter recorded a passing storm. A bolt of lightning appears to strike the ground just beside Stephanie Weske outside of her Hayden home.

Throne of terror: Killer wasp nest

A Winter Haven, Florida homeowner is working to remove a huge yellow jacket nest, before the wasps that live inside do any more harm. The wasps built a massive nest on a reclining chair that's stored outside a home.

New study: Traffic lights easy target for hackers

Ever wish you could rig the traffic lights to be green during your commute? Turns out, it may not be that hard to do. According to a University of Michigan study, traffic lights across the U.S. are dangerously easy to hack.

More Americans planning to head out of town Labor Day weekend

More Americans are planning to head out of town for the labor day weekend. Triple-A predicts nearly 35 million people will journey 50 miles or more from home. That is the highest volume for the holiday since 2008.

Family Dollar rejects billion dollar bid from Dollar General

Family Dollar has rejected a nearly 10 billion dollar buyout bid from Dollar General. Family Dollar says it's sticking with an agreement to merge with Dollar Tree for less money.

New report: More parents expect kids to pick up more of their college costs

According to a Fidelity Investments report, parents on average want their kids to pay for about one third of their college education through savings, working part time jobs and also taking out student loans.

Florida town passes law banning saggy pants

A Florida town has banned people -- let's face it, young people -- from wearing saggy pants. A councilwoman for Ocala pushed for passage of the law, but the town's Mayor Kent Guinn may ultimately veto the fashion police.