Workers Want Answers


POSTED: Friday, June 11, 2010 - 5:16pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, June 16, 2010 - 6:24pm

EL PASO, TX - United Freedom Associate workers are contracted to help feed the soldiers at Fort Bliss, but some of them can't even put food on their table.

The workers say they were laid off after their bonus checks were returned, and they say they haven't received their final checks.

Brandy Wyche is one of those employees.

"I'm very worried, I have two children, me and my husband both work for the company, and the same thing happened to him. His bonus check is not in as well as his final check so it kind of hurts since both of us worked for the company, and both of us were laid off."

We spoke to the manager of United Freedom Associates by phone. He said he would not comment because of an ongoing investigation being done by the El Paso Police Department. El Paso police confirmed there is an investigation involving the company, but police wouldn't give us any details. In the meantime employees are left wondering when they'll get the money they say they're owed.

"I need to know something because I need to make arrangements for me and my children as well as my husband. That's our livelihood. This is a multimillion {dollar} company, I don't understand why we can't get paid."

Wyche says although she was laid off she says she wants to make it clear that she came to us for help because she needs her paycheck, not because she's angry with the company.

"I wish them well, but I do want what's owed to us because I have a family to take care of."

Wyche says she already filed a report with the Department of Labor, and is considering filing a police report.

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I also was laid off in December 2009, they told me they would call me back by may to give me a schedule and never did. I called several times during the time i was laid off to check if they had any openings they told me no and later i found out they were hiring new people. I also think they were very unfair.

I was laid off since December 2009. I went to ask them for a schedule four months later cause I found out they had workers who had less seniority then me but I was told that I had no seniority cause I worked as KP just three months, six months as a line server and four months as a cook. I really don't understand because so many times when I was a line server and as usual there were not enough employees they assigned me to do the duties of a KP. I really think is very unfair.

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