Woman with Burned Down Trailer Reaches Out for Help


POSTED: Monday, February 14, 2011 - 6:08pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 15, 2011 - 1:42pm

HORIZON CITY - A woman in Horizon City said she turned to News Channel 9 as a last resort, as she and a transport company are at odds.

There used to be a large trailer sitting on the lot at 183 Lake Summer, but what's left is debris, a burned down trailer and a small trailer that was used for storage. 

The small trailer is where 75-year-old Adela Torres now lives with her grandson, after a fire ripped through her trailer on January 13.

Lilian Lopez-Clark says her mother's pets and furniture are gone.

“There was a short and the whole trailer caught on fire. My mother [and my son] lost everything,” said Lopez-Clark.

The family said they tried reaching out to a transporting company to help them clean up. Lopez-Clark said they made a deal-- the company would take the trailer's frame, which she said is worth up to $2 thousand dollars, and in exchange, the family would not have to pay for clean up. But, Lopez-Clark said, instead the company took advantage of her mother.

“The workers from Frank's Mobile Home [Transport] came here, they stripped the trailer, took all the wiring and all the siding and they sold it... they never came back,” said Lopez-Clark.

Adding to the family's distress is that they have just weeks to clean up the mess. They said the person who owns the trailer's property is threatening to lock up the area.

“We have until the end of the month to take it out or she's going to come and put a lock on the land,” said Lopez-Clark.

Lopez-Clark claims she's tried reaching out to the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, but was turned away.

“They said they can't do anything because there was no written contract,” said Lopez-Clark.

Now that she and her family are trying to pick up the pieces she said all she wants is help.

“If somebody could guide us and not do this to our mom and take advantage of a senior citizen... to help us clean and take out the frame,” said Lopez-Clark.

Meantime, a worker from the transporting company admitted they took the wiring and siding, but said the family is lying-- and that the company never agreed to provide a free clean up.

Calls to the El Paso County Sheriff's Office were not answered.

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Why would they agree to just give you some thing when they needed help? Shame on you people from Franks Mobile Home.How can you sleep at night?????

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