Woman Wants Wedding Albums


POSTED: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 - 5:24pm

UPDATED: Thursday, March 24, 2011 - 4:58am

EL PASO - There's a dark cloud over a very special day for one woman. She says she's unhappy with her wedding photographer. After our call, the photographer admits he didn't give her everything he promised.

"We went to Scenic Drive and it was the exact spot that he asked me to be his girlfriend that he proposed," said Lily Camargo. In the several year that she and her husband have been together, they have many sweet memories.

"We got married on December 4th, that's the anniversary that my grandma and grandpa share," she said.

They decided to hire a family friend as their photographer to capture it all.

"We felt really lucky we found somebody that we could trust."

They had two ceremonies, one civil, and one Native American. They have some prints, but no albums - the albums that they paid for.

"We paid a total of $2,000 up front; we wish we would've just paid half up front that way we wouldn't be in this situation," Camargo said.

Lily paid for 3 albums: one for her parents, one for her in-laws, and one for herself. She says she keeps calling the photographer and even gave him a deadline - their one-year anniversary last December.

But she says the photographer never answered.

"He isn't acting very professional by ignoring phone calls, ignoring emails," she said.

We called the owner of Perezville Photography and he said while he hadn't received any calls from Camargo recently, he knew he owed Camargo and her husband the albums. He said he'd come upon some tough times both financially and personally but that he would have the books in a few days. He also said he'd refund them some of the $2,000 they paid.

Camargo says she just wants her pictures in an album, not a box.

"I have this cloud looming over my wedding day."

We'll let you know what happens.

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This is the drawback of hiring a family member or friend to do something as important as wedding photography.

For the price she paid the bride could of easily found a decent, insured wedding photographer.

When you search google for Wedding Photographer the first thing that comes up is Chris Giles Photography , Insured, pro site etc....

Personally, I would not wait for the supposed friend to come up with the albums.....She already has the pictures on hand, just go to Wal-Mart get some albums, and place your photos in them(which she already has). Take that friend to Judge Mathis, and expose him there, that way he wont burn anyone else!


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